Cheap Miniatures for RPGs

When it comes to using miniatures, every Dungeon Master has their own preference.  One of my old DMs from the gaming past would have a few cases of pewter minis for our Dungeons and Dragons game, those miniatures didn’t come cheap.

Another game master used figure flats since they were nothing but little strips of paper with the baddie (and hero) printed on them.  He also has loads of proper miniatures.  Thankfully he always alerts me to deals when he runs across them.

While I have some proper miniatures (even painted!), I tend to either use figure flats since they travel easy (try carting boxes of minis on public transport…not easy) or stuff out of my bits and bob box.  I’m the queen of cheap miniatures.  Somewhere in that box among the bottle caps, colored stones and whatnot there’s a 3 year old pistachio with a face drawn on it that was meant to represent my other half at the gaming table.  It’s become a household item.

Oh yea, and I also use candy.  Dungeon Masters beware, edible NPCs can backfire if you buy the good stuff.  It doesn’t take players long to figure out if they kill your monsters and NPCs, they get to eat them.  I’ve lost several good NPCs this way!

However, today one of my converts to the gaming table made a post on my work forum showing off his newest miniatures that came on the cheap.  Zombies! They cost him a whopping .50 cents and came out of one of those machines that spit out cheap plastic toys in those little plastic eggs.  I’ve got to say, this is a pretty awesome find!

He made bases for the zombies out of black bake polymer clay to turn them into perfectly good, cheap miniatures! This is just proof that miniatures don’t have to cost an arm, leg, and your soul!

What are some of your cheap miniature creations?

Cheap Zombie MiniatureZombie Miniature Too

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