E-Tropolis 2022 Review

It’s come, it’s gone and now it’s time to memorialize the memories with an E-Tropolis 2022 Review! What is E-Tropolis? E-Tropolis is a huge one day EBM (electronic body music) and industrial festival that started in 2010. While it once was held in Berlin, today it takes place at the Turbinenhalle in Oberhausen, Germany. The … Read moreE-Tropolis 2022 Review

Accidently Creating a Community in Eve Online

creating a community

Creating a community in ANY space is a daunting task. It takes planning, resources and skills. There’s lots of blood, sweat and tears that goes into it as well. However, in true GamerGrrl fashion, I blundered into a game and once again accidently created an online community. Before Eve Online There Was Everquest Creating a … Read moreAccidently Creating a Community in Eve Online

Combichrist and Priest at Baroeg August 2022

If you’re wondering, “didn’t she just see Combichrist the other month?” Yes, yes I did. I swear this year is a really weird year seeing the same bands multiple times and it looks like Combichrist is going to be one of those bands. However, I can tell you that I wasn’t there to see Combichrist … Read moreCombichrist and Priest at Baroeg August 2022

Vampire:Darkages – An Introduction to my Tremere Chronicle

This is something I’ve been meaning to do for awhile now, journal the Vampire:Darkages game that I’m running as Storyteller (Dungeon Master).  Even though we’re about 6 months in, I’ve decided it’s never too late.  Especially since the old Vampire the Masquerade really has been revived through the V20 books! The Chronicle This chronicle is … Read moreVampire:Darkages – An Introduction to my Tremere Chronicle

New Game! Geocaching!

Official GeocacheI heard about geocaching a few years ago, but paid it absolutely no mind.  It sounded overly complicated and I didn’t have a GPS.  That was the last time I thought about it, until the other day when my other half brought it up that we should try it.

“But we need a GPS,” I said.  “And besides that, how do we know where to look for them? Isn’t it a club type thing?”

“No.  They’re all over and there’s apps for it.”

There’s an app for it.  Well, that one sentence was too much of a temptation and I started looking into it.  Sure enough, there’s tons of geocaching apps on Google Play and they have all sorts of user levels and prices.  So I downloaded one that looked user friendly.

Once it was downloaded, I searched for caches.  There are TONS in my area.  So yesterday I picked one that was about 1.5 km away from my house, hopped on my bicycle and went out geocaching with my father who’s in the country this month visiting.

So the geocache I picked has “playing” in its title.  I

Read moreNew Game! Geocaching!