About GamerGrrls

About GamerGrrls

GamerGrrls was created in 2011.  It started out as a site about actual girls that game, however, it has ended up as something quite a bit different.  Instead of being about girls that game, it’s become a place where I, a girl gamer, write about games!

Who is GamerGrrl?

This is a very good question! Who am I? Well, I’d like to think of myself as a rarely well rounded individual, I probably lean closer to insanity than I care to admit.  I’ll blame that on Cthulhu though!

What I can say is I’m a gamer through and through.  I’ve been playing table top games games since high school and computer/console games even longer.  And while I of course grew up playing board games and card games such as UNO, I just recently in the past few years discovered the joy of cooperative board games.

What kind of games do you play?

This really depends on the type of game we’re talking about!

Favorite computer game?

If I have to call any game my favorite, it’s the original Everquest (MMO).  I started playing in 2001ish when I moved to a little town in central Florida with a population of snow birds and cows, 60 miles from nowhere.  It kept me sane! I stopped in 2009ish after the guild I was in broke up.  Why is this one my favorite? Because I met my other half there!!

Some of my other favorites are SimCity4, Vampire: Bloodlines, and Diablo (currently playing Diablo 3).


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