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I know he’s not a gamer girl, but I embrace gamer geeks and nerds of all shapes, sizes, orientations, and sex.  A gamer is a gamer is a gamer and Wil Wheaton (Wesley Crusher on Star Trek Next Generation) is no exception.

Of course my first intro to Wil Wheaton was Star Trek TNG.  However, since Felicia Day is friends with Wheaton we saw him in The Guild.  He played Fawkes, the guild leader of Axis of Anarchy.  He also made a few appearances as himself in the Big Bang Theory as Sheldon Cooper’s enemy.  And most recently he was in Eureka.

What has really endeared me to Wil is knowing that he’s a gamer.  He’s just as nutty as the rest of us and this Christmas Video put out by BBC America proves it.  One, that he gives the host a d12.  And two, by the gift that he gets from the host…I won’t ruin the surprise.

Alice ReturnsA little while ago while I was going through Facebook updates, I ran across this Alice Madness Returns video which used The Cruxshadows song Wake the White Queen.

Now, being a Gamer Girl, I do have to talk a little about Alice.

Many moons ago (2000 I think), American McGee released a game called Alice via Rogue Entertainment and Electronic Arts.  In a nutshell, Alice is an alternate universe to the Alice in Wonderland story we’ve all grown up with, and it’s really not a very nice place to be.  How not nice? Alice and the sequel Alice Returns has spawned inspiration for a Malkavian character in my weekly Vampire the Masquerade game.  Coincidentally, the character is named….Alice if anyone really wanted to know.

On the flip side, one of my favorite authors Neil Gaiman helped develop a story for a movie called Mirror Mask.  A few years back The Cruxshadows put a song out on an album called Where’s Neil.  All the songs on the album are about the various works of Neil Gaiman and the one by CXS is called Wake the White Queen.  If you’ve ever seen Mirror Mask, the song suddenly makes sense.

Evidently someone out there in YouTube land decided to pair some outtake scenes from Alice Madness Returns with Wake the White Queen and I have to say as a fan of both the video game, movie and band, a pretty good job was done.  The only shame is the video doesn’t use the entire song.

I’ll have to do a review of Alice Madness Returns as soon as I get a chance to play it…I’m a slacker.  I keep playing SimCity4 instead…

And for those who want to listen to the entire song, here’s a performance from The Cruxshadows at Dragon*Con 08 complete with masks because you know…everyone wears masks!