Combichrist and Priest at Baroeg August 2022

If you’re wondering, “didn’t she just see Combichrist the other month?” Yes, yes I did. I swear this year is a really weird year seeing the same bands multiple times and it looks like Combichrist is going to be one of those bands.

However, I can tell you that I wasn’t there to see Combichrist this time. Priest was the reason I drove the hour and some minutes to Rotterdam for the show. Plus, 22 euro for the ticket wasn’t a bad price for a few hours of entertainment. Unfortunately, I didn’t drive slow enough to see the 1st opening act which was Mimi Barks. Yup, the spitter once again.

Lets get into this review of Mimi Barks, Priest and Combichrist at the Baroeg August 2022!

Mimi Barks

Not going to lie, when I read that she was still around I wasn’t thrilled. I might have driven slower than I normally would in order to try to avoid having to listen to her again.

I think I arrived either during or just after the first song because it felt like this set lasted FOREVER. I will give the set one thumbs up. The TINY venue made the music sound a lot better than at De Helling. I don’t know if the venue techs are just better or it was the size of the venue itself, but I didn’t hate it as much this time around.

There were a number of people in the audience that were obviously digging her. Head banging and dancing away to the music. I wasn’t at a great spot to see much (behind one of the poles) but I didn’t mind. I was well out of spitting range.

Luckily, she didn’t spit her water out on the crowd this time. Maybe she got the memo that it wasn’t cool? Dunno, don’t care, lets move on.


Priest is a swedish band that can be classified somewhere over in the synthwave, synthpop, or industrial pop genre. Not sure how long they’ve been around but their first songs on spotify are from 2017.

Discovering Priest

How did I discover Priest you ask? They were the 2nd opening act for Aesthetic Perfection at the 2019 Oberhausen show. At the time I’d never heard of them but they came on stage in weird costumes and played music I could dance to. What more does a girl need?

Erick and Mercury

The song I remember the most vivid from the show was History in Black. Unfortunately it wasn’t on the 2022 play list but hey ho. They got some good ones in regardless!

Baroeg, Rotterdam Set

Honestly the too short set that these guys played was worth every bit of the 22 euro and 1 hour and some minute drive. This really kind of made me wish I’d have taken the chance (before flying to Iceland) to see the show they headlined earlier in the year!

The Baroeg was a perfect venue for these guys! There was just enough space to dance around and interact with the crowd without getting swallowed up in too much space. That’s one of my problems with smaller acts like this on big stages (like Faderhead). There’s a lot of space to fill up.

The Songs That Priest Sang

For the first song everyone in the first row got blessed by Mercury (the signer). During Neuromancer we got a little treat. Eric from Combichrist came out to sing along! Then Mimi Barks came out for a song (didn’t catch the name) and it wasn’t horrible. That’s high praise from me. And then of course they did Obey (thankfully, it’s become one of my favorites).

Not only was there great energy from Priest, but there was awesome energy from the crowd as well. It was obvious that I wasn’t the only one who knew who Priest was, which is always nice when it comes to opening bands.

But like all good things, their set came to an end. Did I mention that it was too short? I really hope that they tour soon and we can dance together a little longer!

At the end of the day anyone into industrial pop or synthwave should check Priest out. They’re an amazing act with great songs and a great stage presence. They have the honor of being only the 2nd opening band that I didn’t know and became a fan of (Davey Suicide was the first and ironically, they opened for Combichrist at the LA show I went to).


And after Priest came Combichrist! Again! For the 2nd time this year (I’m actually going to see them again next month at the E-tropolis Festival).

When I saw the size of the stage I’ll admit my first thought was, “how are they getting all their stuff on stage?” Once the guys got up there, it was tight. However, this venue suited them. I’ve got to say that this was probably THE best of the shows I’ve been to.

I had mentioned in my June 2022 Combichrist review that it felt like something was lacking. Whatever was missing then had been found. I know that this was the last show on the Not My Enemy tour so they were also coming off that high.

Just like June’s show we got all of the standard songs. Get Your Body Beat, Can’t Control, Maggots at the Party, and Blut Royal. We also got some of the newer stuff like Not My Enemy, Compliance, and Hate Like Me.

Wrapping it Up

One thing I have to say about the Baroeg coming off a major heat wave. It was HOT. 3 songs in and it was like a slip and slide with everyone’s sweat being flung around. The pit was alive and well and everyone danced and had a good time!

The only 2 things that put a bit of a damper on my time at the show had to do more with the crowd than anything First, someone came crashing out of the pit and wacked into my shoulder which is recovering from an injury (I know, I’m an idiot). The second was when the pit got rather rambunctious and was pushing up on the front of the crowd, one of the women in front of me wouldn’t let me brace myself by putting my hand on the stage.

That was fine. Next time the pit came towards the stage I just stepped to the right and people crashed right into her smashing her into the stage. What you put out into the world you get back. Honestly, I get touched all over at these shows when the pit is close. People brace against you, you against them, we all become intimate best friends.

Overall, great show. Can’t wait for another band I love to come to the Baroeg for an intimate set!