GamerGrrl Music Pick: Bella Morte – My Heart Will Go On

So sue me, I can’t blog about games all the time right? Especially when there’s some good music to have in the background when you DO game! Right? Right? I’m right aren’t I?

This week’s GamerGrrl Music Pick is by Bella Morte and it’s their cover of a song we all love to hate called My Heart Will Go On.  Funny enough I’ve been listening to Bella Morte for a few years now and I’ve never come across this cover (they covered Earth Angel, which was how I discovered them…zombies always make music videos better, remember that) until the lead singer Andy Deane posted it on his Facebook today.

A little about Bella Morte (which you’ll recognize if you’ve ever read any Anita Blake books…it means Beautiful Death) because you will see me write about them more often! They’re kind of a mix of all sorts of goth music…a little darkwave, synth, and metal.  Plus, the singer Andy Deane, has a very awesome voice and write wonderful lyrics.  He’s also an author so if you come across one of his books, pick it up!

From the looks of the official Bella Morte website, they’re headed off on their eastern US tour.  I’m waiting very patiently for their euro tour, which Andy Deane claims is being worked on! If you click around on YouTube and decide you like their music, go and support them at a show! They’ll be at Dragon*Con too! Maybe Andy will play My Heart Will Go On and you can finally enjoy a song that you normally would rather gouge your eye out with a spork than listen to.

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