Zombies! Run away, run away!

On December 9th I get to go to the mobile store and pick up a brand new shiny mobile phone (that’s cell phone for those of you in the US).  I’ve got to tell you, I’m bloody excited to finally ditch my Windows Mobile phone and get one with Android! Appppppppppppppsssss!

One of the apps that I plan on getting when it’s released for the Droid in spring 2012 is called Zombies, RUN! I came across it while browsing through Kickstarter.com for new and interesting gaming projects that I might like to contribute to and get cool stuff.  As an avid runner and zombie lover, I zero’d in on this baby pretty quick!

Zombies, RUN! is what is known as an augmented reality game for mobile phones.  By running through your surroundings in the real world, you’re able to pick up much needed supplies to expand your base in the game.  Plus you get a story line through your headphones as you run away from the zombies!

As a gamer geek, I really think this project is going to be a winner.  Those of us who love both zombies and running are going to see great things from Six to Start because they posted a $12,500 goal and currently have over $70k.  I think the zombies got the yay in this case! With so much more money pledged than they asked for, I’m really hoping to see some expansions in the future and perhaps even a multi-player game.  Wouldn’t that be cool? Being able to play with other runner, joggers, and plodders in your area or perhaps around the globe?!

This app will be ready soon for the apple fanboys that have iphones, but us droid users will have to wait patiently until spring for Zombies, RUN! If you can’t wait, you can always pre-order your app so that when it’s ready, you can download it and go RUN AWAY!

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