GamerGrrl Prepares for Conception UK

While I started out strong, I admit my posts have slacked off for the month of August.  My apologies.

For those of you who do the convention circuit, as a DM, you know how much work and preparation goes into your con scenarios.  This is on top of your day job, working out, free time with the family, and any other RPGs you either play in or run.

In May, for the Dutchie’s birthday present, his parents got him a ceramic Descent board.  It’s actually pretty freakin awesome, except it has to be painted.  He’s been working on the main tiles and I’ve been working on the plastic miniatures that actually come with the board game.  Plus I just got through painting the ceramic doors last week.

On top of the Descent stuff, I’ve got to decide what I’m going to run myself.  More than likely I will be running the Paranoia scenario that I developed for the 2011 Conception, The Trouble with Water.  Then I want to do an Alice in Wonderland theme of Paranoia called Alice in Alpha Complex.  I’ll probably do a Necessary Evil one shot since it seems to be in demand, and I’m honestly considering Laser Ponies in Wonderland.  Yea, I got the Wonderland thing going on.

Something I did in January that I’m really considering doing again for 2012 is running a session of the bi-weekly Darkages campaign I’ve been DMing (or Storytelling if you like).  This year 2 of my players were at Conception, but one of the two characters had died in an almost TPK (total player kill) so he didn’t have a new character yet.  He got to play someone trying to kill the surviving character and then there were 2 other characters played by strangers that were supposed to help him finish what he was supposed to do, kill a demon.

What kind of sucked for him, but was loads of fun for me, was if his character died at Conception, he’d have to roll a new one when we returned to the Netherlands.  Don’t worry, he survived.  In fact, he’s still surviving.  For some reason I just can’t kill him off.

But for 2012 there will be 3 players in my bi-weekly game so I might just run a session with them +1-3 strangers.  It really depends on where they are in the world by then, since at the moment they’re in Rome (and I suppose it depends if anyone bothered to put some dots in etiquette since tomorrow they’re introducing themselves to the prince!).

So that’s what I’m doing, preparing for Conception UK! As I write my scenarios.

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