The Secret World Beta IS TODAY! + Secret War Trailer

Today is the long awaited for day! The Secret World Beta starts at 6pm GMT+1! I’m excited!

The whole thing will kick off The Secret War which is between the 3 factions in the game.  So from what it sounds like, it’s going to be a pvp event! Woohoo!

Honestly, there hasn’t been an MMO that really excited me since Vanguard, and my hopes for that one was crushed as soon as SOE decided to get their grubby hands on the billing.  I called it, I had told my friends that it was only time before they took over and I choose to wait and see what happened.  Sure enough, they bought it.  After that I tried D&D online, Conan, Eve Online and a few others.  Nothing really excited me quite like this one.

And now The Secret World Beta is finally here.  Yea, I’m going to be saying that for awhile!

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