The Best of ‘Call Me Maybe’ Videos

I should actually be working on some pre-generated characters for my Sunday one shot of Vampire Darkages, or maybe working on that My Little Pony: Whinny of Cthulhu scenario that I started writing.  However, it’s Friday night and I kind of got the song ‘Call Me Maybe’ stuck in my head and I started looking at all the videos people have put up on YouTube dancing and lip singing to the song.

Indulge me and we’ll get back to talking about gaming.

So, at number 10 there’s the Kunar, Afghanistan US Army Soldiers.  Everyone needs a little downtime, even in the middle of a war zone.  Oh, and a shout to the dude doing the barbell squats…ditch the bench and go below parallel like a man.

Number 9 of my favorites so far tonight goes to the Navy Boys.  We’ll chalk it up to cabin fever.

Number 8 is yet another military video.  I guess there’s really not much to do when you’re shipped out to the middle of nowhere.  Not bad boys! You even managed to find a girl!!

Number 7 is full of hot chicks.  Not really a fantastic vid, but the chicks got it bumped up a bit.

Number 6 proves that tennis is so boring they actually have to call in Carly Ray Jepsen for the people bored to absolute tears.

Number 5.  Cheerleaders.  Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders.  Bet they know how to barbell squat to below parallel…

Number 4 are the Abercrombie and Fitch guys.  I’m going to put money that they can squat to parallel too.  I wouldn’t mind standing behind that squat rack *cough* moving on…

Number 3 goes to this fairly creative video that makes President Obama ‘sing’ the song.  I don’t think Obama can squat to parallel.  Just sayin…

Number 2 goes to these awesomely cool grandparents in this cover video.  If you haven’t called to tell your grandparents to tell them you love them lately, do it.  They won’t be around for ever!

And my favorite, number 1 video, is the Chatroulette version.  I’ve got to give this guy props, he made me laugh pretty hard!