Vampire:Darkages – An Introduction to my Tremere Chronicle

This is something I’ve been meaning to do for awhile now, journal the Vampire:Darkages game that I’m running as Storyteller (Dungeon Master).  Even though we’re about 6 months in, I’ve decided it’s never too late.  Especially since the old Vampire the Masquerade really has been revived through the V20 books! The Chronicle This chronicle is … Read moreVampire:Darkages – An Introduction to my Tremere Chronicle

A Spooky 1 Year Gaming Anniversary for Me

i had NO idea that when i posted my last post about gaming alone that it was officially my 1 year anniversary as a D&D gamer! and.. its gets spooky.  check this out:   here is a picture of my very first game on 1/29/11 and heres my last game early this morning i was … Read moreA Spooky 1 Year Gaming Anniversary for Me

You Can Play D&D 4e by Yourself

i dont know about you guys and girls but 9.5 times out of 10, i’m jonesing for a game of D&D. the problem is, i’ve been sick for the past 5 days with pneumonia and now my girl is getting sick too which means she wont be writing me any quick adventures to get me … Read moreYou Can Play D&D 4e by Yourself

A Friendly Online Game Store

being a new gamer, i missed out on experiencing the awesomeness of actual brick and mortar game stores filled with miniatures, gaming books, meet ups, cards, and all that delicious nerdy heaven.  granted, there are some stores hanging on here and there but, from what i’ve heard, they are almost nonexistent. most of what i … Read moreA Friendly Online Game Store

Gaming on a Budget: My Clay Dungeon Props

i’m not rich.  i admit it.  i work hard for my money but just don’t have a lot of it.  like drumming (which i do), gaming can get expensive.  there are books, and lots of them:  monster manuals, dm guides, multiple players handbooks, books on settings, battle mats, dice, markers, oh my poor paycheck! but … Read moreGaming on a Budget: My Clay Dungeon Props

My Thoughts on the D&D 4e Red Box Starter Set

hello fellow gamers!  i’m pleased to be part of the GamerGrrls community as an author so that i may finally get to share my thoughts on, well, gaming!  and i can also share with you what its like to be a newbie gamer and my learning process as well as my insane and unconventional love … Read moreMy Thoughts on the D&D 4e Red Box Starter Set

Cheap Miniatures for RPGs

When it comes to using miniatures, every Dungeon Master has their own preference.  One of my old DMs from the gaming past would have a few cases of pewter minis for our Dungeons and Dragons game, those miniatures didn’t come cheap. Another game master used figure flats since they were nothing but little strips of … Read moreCheap Miniatures for RPGs

GamerGrrl Prepares for Conception UK

While I started out strong, I admit my posts have slacked off for the month of August.  My apologies. For those of you who do the convention circuit, as a DM, you know how much work and preparation goes into your con scenarios.  This is on top of your day job, working out, free time with the family, and … Read moreGamerGrrl Prepares for Conception UK

Meet my Vampire the Masquerade Character: Kali

Meet my current Vampire the Masquerade Character…Kali. This isn’t the first time I’ve played this character.  The first time around was in an all Tremere dark ages campaign.  She was 7th generation, embraced as an 11 year old, and she had the Cappadocian discipline of Mortis due to the fact that both the Tremere and … Read moreMeet my Vampire the Masquerade Character: Kali