Why Does a Site About Gaming Talk About Music Too?

I was talking to my other half on our way home from the gym last night and he asked me a question.  Why am I talking about music on a site that’s obviously about gaming and sexy girls? Like usual, I answered with a question.  Why can’t I? Most of my gaming career has involved … Read moreWhy Does a Site About Gaming Talk About Music Too?

Anyone Can Play a Tabletop Game! Really!

F1 CarWhen I moved from America to Europe over 5 years ago, the only car racing I had been exposed to was Nascar.  Now, I’m not out to offend any die hard Nascar fans, but the whole “left, left, left” thing just isn’t for me.  However, over here in the EU I made a huge discovery.  Nascar isn’t the end all and be all of motor sports! There really ARE corners and races that don’t stop the second a rain drop is felt! There are many classes of motor sports, from kids trying to get the attention of the Red Bull driver program in their go-karts, to the grand daddy of them all, Formula 1.

The person whom I share my house with is a big petrol head.  If he had the money, he’d have a stable of cars (as long as I got my Audi TT or Bugatti Veryon I wouldn’t care either) and he’d probably do one of the GP sports since it really doesn’t cost all that much to race.  But that’s all besides the point.  As I said, the boy of the house loves to watch racing so every Sunday there was a Grand Prix, the TV would be on and watching.

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