Political Correctness in Halloween?

So we’ve taken the word ‘nigger’ and ‘injun’ in Mark Twain’s classic Huckleberry Finn.  There’s no more Christmas, Valentine, or Thanksgiving parties in elementary schools.  We now have Spring, Fall, and Winter festivals.  Schools have asked publishers to take a lot of religion and religious culture out of Social Studies books because Lord forbid, the … Read morePolitical Correctness in Halloween?

Hot Cosplay GamerGrrl Marylin

Name: Marylin Age: 23 Cosplaying since: 2007 Favorite game: Naruto series, Dead Space, Metal Gear Solid Rising Favorite MMO: Aion This sexy babe Marilyn really knows how to get into her cosplay character Princess Leia! With her pink light saber, she takes out the robotic droid and shows her Jedi Warrior skills with grace and … Read moreHot Cosplay GamerGrrl Marylin