Nerfing it Up at Conception

Well, we’re getting close to zero hour.  Literally, our ferry leaves from Dunkerk, France at 6am Wed morning to move us towards Dover, UK and our goal of Conception! So, one of my cottage mates, Dave, will be bringing his Nerf armory.  So I suppose the only valid question at this point is, who’s bringing … Read moreNerfing it Up at Conception

GamerGrrl Prepares for Conception UK

While I started out strong, I admit my posts have slacked off for the month of August.  My apologies. For those of you who do the convention circuit, as a DM, you know how much work and preparation goes into your con scenarios.  This is on top of your day job, working out, free time with the family, and … Read moreGamerGrrl Prepares for Conception UK