Supporting Occupy Wall Street Gamer Style

I really don’t know about your gaming sessions, but in my experience a lot of us are arm chair politicians.  About 75% of the night is actual gaming, 20% BSing, and 5% in political debate and solving the world’s problems.  Personally, at this point I don’t think it would be a bad thing to put a gamer in office.  I mean heck, rolling percentile dice for policy probably would have a much better outcome than what we have currently.

This is why I support Occupy Wall Street.  Change needs to happen and the way our current political system and corporations need to be reigned in and their greed curbed.  So regardless of your own political stances or your view of the people who are pounding the pavement and braving the weather to support the Occupy Wall Street movement, here’s 5 ways that you can vote with your wallet and keep your money local:

1.) Support indi artists, authors, and publishers by buying directly from their web store, their con booth, or their publications at your gaming store.  Most gaming publishers such as Mongoose, Savage Mojo, Pinnacle, Green Ronin, etc have their own web stores.  By buying from their web store, you’re supporting your favorite publisher 100%.

2.) Contribute to your favorite artist, author, or publisher’s Kickstarter project.  If you don’t know what Kickstarter is, it’s a pretty cool concept.  Basically, it’s a platform for people to fund creative projects.  Since I discovered Kickstarter, I’ve seen some pretty cool projects come through.  Such as Dinosaurs in Space!, loads of comics and graphic novels, board games, card games, art, and so on.  You pledge money to the project and when it’s complete you get stuff.  The more you pledge, the more cool stuff you get.  If the project doesn’t meet it’s goal and is never created, no worries.  Your money isn’t put towards the project.

3.) If you must have products from a certain huge mainstream publisher, buy used.  This way you keep your hard earned money from going to their profit margins.  Better yet, don’t buy from them and discover non-d20 systems.  😉

4.) Support your local game shop vs. buying online.  These guys usually own a game shop due to their love of games, not because it’s a booming business.  Some products are really hard to move and if they take a risk and buy stock from a publisher, there’s always the chance that they lose money because nobody comes in and buys copies of those books.  Lets be honest, we all love going in and seeing the pretties…so instead of buying it from another internet store (unless the game shop has their own web shop for your convenience), buy it from the physical brick and mortar store if possible.

5.) Keep your game snacks local! Instead of getting pizza from that large nation wide chain or fast food from the other big national chains, support your local mom and pop shops.  Even better, go to the farmers market and get green good for you snacks from the local farmers! Oh, don’t worry…there’s more than enough locally made sweet stuff for you to sink your teeth into.  And of course, if you make your own dinner instead of getting pizza or the fast food variety, support your local butcher or mom and pop stores instead of buying from big chains.  Heck, you can even look at your local community events and get your sweet treats from a bake sale! Support several causes at once! Including bribing your DM with home made treats!

I know it isn’t much, but until the consumers start showing the corps we don’t approve of what they’re doing, nothing will change.  In the meantime, we can support our local and small businesses with our patronage and hard earned dollars.

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