Vampire:Darkages – An Introduction to my Tremere Chronicle

This is something I’ve been meaning to do for awhile now, journal the Vampire:Darkages game that I’m running as Storyteller (Dungeon Master).  Even though we’re about 6 months in, I’ve decided it’s never too late.  Especially since the old Vampire the Masquerade really has been revived through the V20 books!

The Chronicle

This chronicle is a Tremere campaign starting in the Dark Ages when House Tremere first became vampires.  The chronicle specifically starts in 1035 and unless they’re playing another clan, no Tremere PC is allowed to be embraced longer than 3 years.  The age of the transformation was 1032 and at this point, not everyone within Ceoris knows what happened.  Only a select few are being embraced.

The Characters

The characters are interesting to say the least.  Here’s a list and a brief synopsis.  I will make posts later with their full backgrounds as the players wrote them since everyone did an excellent job.  Incidentally, I give 1 freebie per page they write, so that really gives incentive to get some great stories.

  • Aristea (tremere): Her sire is Paul Corwood and she is a spy.  Currently, she has been appointed the leader of the group.
  • Ignatius (tremere): Found a spellbook as a boy and found out he had a natural talent for magic.  Unfortunately, in a turn of events his parents (his father was a spy) ended up going missing.  When he went back to his family home, he found out his brother ruined the family name and in a fit of rage Ignatius killed his brother and sister in law.  He found out more about the organization his father worked for and ended up working for them in return of having the faction that took his parents eliminated.
  • Isaac (tremere): In life he was the child of a noble family.  He was embraced by a cute little vampire girl who has loads of power within Ceoris.
  • Oli (brujah): Tremere has sent out invitations to several clan leaders and Oli was sent to find out what’s going on.  Before being properly introduced, Tremere sent him to help his group of new vampires on a mission.
  • Vlad (tzimisce): Has been stuck in a room in Ceoris for about 15 years.  Has no clue who he really is or what his lot in life is other than a bookworm and a lover of torture.
  • Tiberius (n/a): Started the game as a caitiff with loads of assamite powers, he is now for all intensive purposes a changelling due to a deal he made with the Lady of the Forest.
Guest PC’s
Since I have loads of gamer friends coming to visit regularly, I don’t ever cancel a regular Sunday game.  Instead, I have “NPCs” that I allow them to play.
  • Lady Ysabella (toreador): Lady Ysabella has been sent to Ceoris by her sire on Tremere’s invitation.  Her sire has heard rumors that the Tremere successfully made themselves Kindred and wants more information.

NPCs Related to the Characters

Since kindred can make ghouls, this campaign my players have made use of the ability.

  • Geirrod: This is Oli’s ghoul and friend.  Geirrod is a fairly practical individual and strong warrior.  He doesn’t like non-sense.  He also has some hair brained ideas every now and again, like selling Tremere’s ghoul horse for loads of gold then trying to call it back to the group.  Needless to say, it didn’t work out so well.
  • Bandit Bob: The group ran into a group of random bandits and killed off all but 1.  They decided to make him a ghoul.

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