Meet my Vampire the Masquerade Character: Kali

Meet my current Vampire the Masquerade Character…Kali.

This isn’t the first time I’ve played this character.  The first time around was in an all Tremere dark ages campaign.  She was 7th generation, embraced as an 11 year old, and she had the Cappadocian discipline of Mortis due to the fact that both the Tremere and Cappadocians were battling to be the first to embrace her.  It was just that the Cappadocians were trying to wait until she was a little older before doing the deed…the Tremere had no such hang-ups.

Kali 2.0 has some of the same idea of Kali 1.0, but she’s vastly different as well.  Like the first version, Kali was born an “avatar” of the Hindu goddess Kali.  That’s pretty much where the similarities end, partly because I wanted an in depth character background and partly to fit the rules of the running campaign.  So, without further ado, here’s Kali:

Name: Kali
Nature: Sage
Demeanor: Conformist
Clan: Tremere
Generation: 8th


Strength: 1          Charisma: 3          Perception: 4
Dexterity: 3        Manipulation: 5   Intelligence: 4
Stamina: 2          Appearance: 2      Wits: 3


Alertness: 4           Etiquette: 1            Academics: 2
Dodge: 3                Firearms: 1             Linguistics: 3
Empathy: 3           Melee: 1                   Medicine: 1
Intimidation: 3    Performance: 1       Occult: 5
Leadership: 3       Stealth: 2
Subterfuge: 3

Secondary Skills: History (5), Fortune Telling (5), Sense Deception (4)


Auspex: 4
Dominate: 3
Thaumaturgy (main): 5
Thaumaturgy (secondary 1): 2
Thaumaturgy (secondary 2): 3
Fortitude: 1


Generation: 5
Status: 3

Virtues (Path of Humanity)

Consience: 3
Self-Control: 3
Courage: 4


Currently at 8 due to spending 2 permanent to make sure something succeeded.

Now, this isn’t all of Kali but I need to get running, literally.  When I have some time later today or tomorrow I’ll list her flaws which is a literal laundry list.  The current DM doesn’t mind us taking as many as we want and I think Kali had 57 points worth at some point.  She’s managed to add a few more during game play as well!


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