Laser Ponies in Wonderland – Down the Rabbit Hole

GamerGrrl tip for getting people to sign up to your con game: give it a catchy and intriguing title.

QAGS System Game - Laser PoniesI don’t know about you, but I think Laser Ponies in Wonderland – Down the Rabbit Hole, does just that.  I know if I saw that sign-up sheet hanging on the board, I’d put my name on it!

So yes, one of the games I’ll be running at ConceptionUk will be Laser Ponies by Hex Games.  I’ve been sitting on this particular little gem for about 2 years now, after a friend jokingly told me about it.  This is the description at DriveThru RPG:

Feel the Pony Power! On a faraway magical world, in the heart of Glitter Valley, there lives a tribe of beautiful creatures known as the Laser Ponies. These ponies romp, frolic, and play. And, when they need to, they shoot lasers out of their eyes. Only the Laser Ponies can defend their valley, and all the creatures in it, from the evil Chasm Queen and her army of monsters.

Laser Ponies is the Saturday morning cartoon you always wanted to see, filled with magic, wonder, and adventure, without the cheap animation or commercial breaks.

Laser Ponies is for girls and boys alike, and is the first all-ages role-playing game from Hex Games. It uses the QAGS system, but you do not have to own the QAGS rulebook-the QAGS Qik Start rules, which tell you everything you need to know to play the game, are included in the back of the book. Also included are rules for Pony Power, 40 story ideas, sample characters, illustrations by up-and-coming young artist Katie Staffiera, and a character sheet.

For a whopping $1.99, that was enough to sell me.  Laser Ponies is a RPG that was created for kids, but with a little imagination and a lot of liquor, I think this will be tons of fun for adults.  The character sheets are drawn in crayon style, like a child did it and the system couldn’t be simpler.  Combine that with Alice in Wonderland and catch them hook, line and sinker with “down the rabbit hole” and what could possibly go wrong?! Knowing gamers, a lot!

I think this is going to be just as fun to run as it is to write!

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