is EVIL

That’s right, is an EVIL, EVIL site.  It is chalked full of goodies that any little gamer would die to have.

As you know, I bought in to the Necro Dice not long ago.  Then Reaper Miniatures came up with a offer that was very hard to refuse, but somehow with loads of effort and willpower, I reached down deep inside my lil gamer soul and resisted that Kickstarter.  That is, until the morning I found an email of a Reaper Mini update in the inbox that my other half and I share.  That was a $110 backing.

Then Andy Hopp just happened to post a Kickstarter for Low Life Miniatures.  I’m looking forward to $100 worth of those minis in March 2013…

Yea. is EVIL.

That is all.

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