Freeport! Pirates Inside!

Pirates Guide to FreeportTwo weeks ago, I finally was able to dig into my gaming books and pull out a setting that I’ve been dying to play for ages! Freeport by Green Ronin.

For those of you that are brand new to role-play lingo, a setting is where a game is, well, set! While a system is the mechanics behind the role-playing game itself.  For example, Dungeons and Dragons and Savage Worlds are a setting because each one has rules on how the game is played.  Yet Eberron is a setting for a D&D campaign and Necessary Evil would be a Savage Worlds setting.  The Freeport setting was made to support a number of different systems and while I do have the d20 Companion, I’ve chosen to play it with Savage Worlds.

There are three PCs (player characters) in this campaign:

Masego, Child of Rathma: He wasn’t always known as Masego, he used to live in a small village with lush pastures near the big forests.  One fateful day the boy known as Allastar was helping skin a deer he had caught with his father.  While he skinned, he heard screaming coming from his village and horror met his eyes.  The undead had infested the village and killed and ate his mother and father before his very eyes.  He hid up in a loft where the undead couldn’t reach him until a blind woman came and vanquished the monsters.  He was given a choice by the woman, be escorted to an orphanage or take vengeance upon those that had wronged him.

Allastar went with the woman and spent many long years learning the ways of the Cult of Rathma.  Finally one day he passed the rite of passage and his eyes were gouged out making him blind.  He gave up his name and was blessed into the order as Masego the blessed.  The Cult of Rathma then sent him on a quest to explore the world and develop his other senses to further his teachings to combat the undead.

Shaiel, concubine of Mirunor: Neysha (Shaiel’s childhood name) grew up in a coastal fishing village.  Her father was a fisherman and often took Shaiel out fishing with him.  One day, when she was 6 years old, her father went out to sea and never came back.  Her mother moved to town where she picked up life as a seamstress above a sewing shop.  When Neysha was 8 years old she went out alone to the beach and saw sails out on the sea that looked just like her father’s sails had.  The only problem was, it wasn’t her father.  It was owned by men who fancied themselves pirates.  They spied Neysha who was a very pretty girl and they snatched up the girl.

Neysha was locked up on their boat and taken to the slave market where she was renamed Seri and trained to be more pleasing and make the slave traders a huge profit.

When she became available to be bought, she was snatched up by the owner of the Risen Phoenix House, which was a brothel.  She was told by the Mistress that she had been saved from other buyers that meant to harm her.  At this point, she was offered a job to buy her freedom.  She started out as a runner girl, doing odd jobs for the working girls of the house.  When she turned 14, Seri was told she could start doing the work of pleasure that the other girls were doing.  She became Shaiel, and was one of the most popular concubines of the house and actually liked her life…but she didn’t want to work for the owners of the Risen Phoenix for the rest of her life so she saved up and eventually escaped.

Shaiel found a ship that wasn’t well guarded and stowed herself away…and ended up in Freeport.

Chinchilla Charlie: Charlie was born to a poor but nurturing family and did their best to raise him as a decent and upstanding citizen.  However, since he grew up in the shadier parts of a major city, it gave little Charlie access to all manner of scum, riffraff, and general lowlifes.  These not so nurturing parts of his life made sure he was never out of things to do or tinker with.

At the age of 8 he already created a knife-glove and was a rising star of the criminal underworld.  His parents did all they could to discourage him from this life he was leading but their efforts were cut short from their son’s latest invention, “The incendiary fish – the ultimate tool for the discrete assassin” went up in flames together with his parents and their small flat due to a tragic misunderstanding just before dinnertime.  Charlie survived but was left with horrid burns that scarred him for the rest of his life.  He was smart enough not to blame himself but instead he blamed the fish of the world and their calculating little fish eyes…

Fast forward to the age 20, his criminal mentor Harry the Hamster sent him to the Mechanauts in order to create a super criminal.  After a series of experiments on himself with less than fortunate results, his arm had to be removed and him, together with some tinkerers, managed to get a clockwork operated arm as a replacement.

Since most of the niches in his homeland were filled by Harry, he set off to Freeport, the city of adventure.

I’m planning on making a little part of GamerGrrls so that you can follow these three character’s adventures in Freeport.  I can tell you that after only 2 games, they’ve already managed to get themselves in a little trouble.  However, if anyone knows the Freeport setting, they’ll know that you don’t really have to find trouble in Freeport.  Pirates, scumbags, and all manner of trouble will be more than happy to find you!


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