And we have ENnie Award winners! Step inside!

ENnie Awards 2011If you’re not part of the table-top roleplaying world, then you may not know what the ENnie Awards are.  They’re a really huge deal for the publishers of the great games that we play, the authors and illustrators.  Really, it’s like the Academy Awards of the role-playing world only it’s the fan base that gets to vote! The whole shindig is hosted by the leading D&D/d20 system fan site, EN World and are announced at IndyCon (Gen Con Indy).

Here are some of the 2011 winners that were announced at the 2011 IndyCon last night! I can only say, I wish I had been there because IndyCon is one of the biggest RPG conventions in the states (outside Dragon*Con, that is):

Best Website: (gold) Obsidian Portal, (silver)

Best New Game: (gold)The Dresden Files RPG (Evil Hat Productions), (silver) The Laundry (Cubicle 7)

Product of the Year: (gold) Pathfinder – Advanced Players Guide (Paizo), (silver) The Dresden Files RPG (Evil Hat Productions)

Best Electronic Book: (gold) Continuity (Posthuman Studios), (silver) Shanghai Vampocalypse (Savage Mojo)

Fans’ Choice, Best Publisher: (gold) Paizo Publishing, (silver) Wizards of the Coast

There’s plenty more 2011 ENnie Award Winners so why don’t you go and check them out by clicking here! A huge congradulations from GamerGrrl to all the winners! You’ve worked hard this past year and it’s well deserved!




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