A Friendly Online Game Store

being a new gamer, i missed out on experiencing the awesomeness of actual brick and mortar game stores filled with miniatures, gaming books, meet ups, cards, and all that delicious nerdy heaven.  granted, there are some stores hanging on here and there but, from what i’ve heard, they are almost nonexistent.

most of what i have to game with i have purchased from online stores.  be it amazon, ebay, reaper, and the like, at least they have what you are looking for, well, most of the time.  the downside to ordering online is the cost of shipping which can really be hiked up to ridiculous amounts and, of course, the wait.

oh the wait!  i am like a kid on Christmas with the waiting, i want my stuff and i want it now!  you have to wait for your order to be processed, you have to wait for it to be shipped, and the shipping wait, oh just kill me now!

well, i feel compelled to hold up a particular online store up  for a very good transaction i had over the weekend.  i ordered an opened set of the WotC Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures Dungeons of Dread Starter kit that comes with 2 battle mats, 5 awesome minis, (a dwarf in some killer armor, a sexy female elf, a human fighter for my new level 1 character, a young green dragon, and a yuan-ti) a d20, and some little rulebooks.

first off, these things are expensive since WotC stopped making minis (god knows why) and things are becoming rare.   i was able to purchase just the minis alone for under 10 bucks with shipping.  and, AND, they even threw in 2 extra minis for me without even telling me.  nice detail in these minis, by the way.

i also have no idea how they got it across like 6 states in 2 days right to my mail box.  they threw in an extra elf with a different paint job which i loved and an extra yuan-ti!  and its not like these things are getting any more common.

so thanks, Noble Knight Games, for a great online transaction!  this gamer really appreciates you going that extra mile!

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