GamerGrrl Music Picks: Cruxshadows – Deception

Cruxshadows-Summer Darkness in Utrecht 2007
Cruxshadows-Summer Darkness in Utrecht 2007

Where I like Bella Morte, I LOVE the Cruxshadows.  The love affair with Rogue and all of the members of CSX, past and present, started many years ago when Deception appeared on an album released specifically for Vampire: The Masquerade (by White-Wolf) in 2000.  The album was called Music from the Succubus Club, which is a very well known kindred owned club within the game and the very first song was Deception.  This would begin a love affair for many die hard CSX fans around the world.

In addition to the English version of the song, Rogue (the lead singer and songwriter) went ahead and created a German version of Deception because that’s where he started to tour and promote the band since Germans love the dark wave genre of music.  If you’re ever lucky enough to catch a show in Germany (which isn’t hard since they love touring there), Rogue will often switch from English to German half way through the song to the delight of the crowd.

Deception music video

Deception also created a tradition at live shows…the Deception Dance.  Rogue loves moving through the crowd while he’s singing and there’s a violin solo in Deception that’s almost a jig.  Rogue will come out into the crowd at this point and grab a guy (I’ve never seen him grab a female) by the forearm and start spinning in a circle.  Hold on tight because if you lose grip you can easily spin off into the crowd! Oh, and never, ever, ever, put your hand out for Rogue to choose you because he almost won’t.

Since Rogue’s beautiful CSX dancer wife had a baby not long ago, they haven’t been touring.  However, for those lucky enough to attend Dragon*Con, you can stop by and see the Cruxshadow’s only 2011 show! Trust me, I’m jealous!

So! Pray for daylight, pray for morning.  Pray for an end to our deception!

Live, Love, Be, Believe – Cruxshadows


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