GamerGrrl Music Pick: MaYaN at the p60 in Amstelveen

Things have been way too quiet around here, so it’s time to liven it up with a GamerGrrl Music pick! MaYan! And that’s not the Mayans from South America who predicted the end of the world this coming December 21st.  No, this is the project band of Mark Jansen of Epica and AfterForever!

MaYaN is classified as a symphonic death metal band due to Mark’s grunting and screaming.  Then you bring in the German singer of Sons of Seasons, Henning Basse, as well as Mark’s sister Floor Jansen, Epica singer Simone Simmons, and Italian opera singer Laura Macri and you’ve got something very loud and beautiful.

Unfortunately, Floor (of ReVamp) and Simone weren’t at the p60 show, but they were at the record release last year so I got to see them then.  Laura was at the p60 show and Henning picked up Floor’s parts which was pretty awesome sounding in it’s own right.

I’ve got some footage from the concert that I shot with my brand new little video camera.  Please excuse the shakiness of the video and the fact that people’s heads are in the way.  I’m only5’6 in the sea of the tall dutch people in the crowd.  Whenever I go to a concert here in Holland, the beanpoles seem to like accumulating in front of me.

So without further ado, here is the opening song from the album Quarterpast, Symphony of Aggression from the January 6th show at the p60 in Amstelveen!

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