Diary of Dreams LIVE in Concert (31 October 2011 @p60 Amstelveen)

So Saturday night, two of my friends and I headed over to Amstelveen to see Darkwave band Diary of Dreams.  I talked a little bit about them back in a GamerGrrl Music Pick when I was talking about the Clan Tremere song (off of the Succubus Club CD).  I’ve got to say, they were a complete pleasure to see live.

The opening acts outright sucked.  It was clear the club promoter knew nothing of the people who were coming to see Diary of Dreams.  The first act was this dutch DJ doing some electronic dance music that better belonged at a rave or dance party.  One guy (we dubbed Steve Jobs) was doing stuff on his Apple Mac Book the whole time.  Whatever the other guy took before the show, I wanted some.  I imagine that’s what Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang would have looked like on drugs.

The second act was slightly more appropriate.  Just slightly.  It kind of looked like a bunch of guys in midlife crisis that decided to form a band.  The only interesting person was the keyboard guy who had a trench coat and a spy vs. spy type hat.

Diary of Dreams, however, was well worth waiting through the garbage for.

Ok, this is where I get to be 100% girl.  Front man Adrian Hates is hot, hot, hot.  He was originally a classically trained guitarist and pianist (he has been known to play the guitar for Diary of Dreams if something happens to their guitarist) and then he decided to start the Diary of Dreams project in the 80s.  Yea, they’ve been around that long and lord the man still looks hot.  What I really like (but is annoying trying to take photos) is, like Rogue from the Cruxshadows, he never stands still.  I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised because like typical Darkwave music, you can’t hold still either.  It still amazes me how many dutch people can just stand there and watch in stead of move to the music because it just calls to your soul.  Oh, and Adrian’s voice is as amazing live as recorded.

Something else I really enjoyed is they didn’t stick just to their English songs.  They played several of their German tracks as well, which is pretty awesome.  I know the songs, and the words, but it always sounds different live than on CD.

Ok, I’ve got to give props to the dude with the mohawk too.  He was all over the place as well and Adrian and the bassist played off of each other well.

While I didn’t take any video and nobody has put any video of the show on YouTube just yet, this video is from Friday night and gives you a taste of the closing song.  This is, Amok from Diary of Dreams:

I don’t know if Diary of Dreams tours outside of Europe, but if you have a chance to see them, I highly recommend it.  It won’t be a waste of time if you like this type of music!

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