Diary of Dreams Pt2

Since my dearest and nearest couldn’t think of anything else to get me for my birthday next month, he decided to get me tickets to the Diary of Dreams concert in Antwerp next month (December 4th).  Aside from the fact that I’m the one who actually had to figure out the order form and purchase the tickets, I can’t say I’m unhappy with his choice of gift.

I’ve got to say, it’s been fairly annoying.  Since October 29th, I’ve had nearly the entire Diary of Dreams playlist from their last concert stuck in my head.  Usually it’s Pain or the Cruxshadows that get this honor (or perhaps a really annoying song called Wat Zullen We Drinken).  So my whole theory is if I end the year with another Diary of Dreams concert, maybe the songs will become unstuck from my brain.

I can always hope, right?

Oh, and there could be worst places for a concert than Antwerp.  Adrian Hates + warm belgian waffles…yuuumm!

I’ll leave you with the current song that’s been on loop in my skull…The Wedding.

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