Diary of Dreams in Bucharest

There’s nothing that makes me happier than when a band streams their show live from a concert location that I can’t be at! Diary of Dreams streamed live from the Silver Church Club in Bucharest the other night and because it was DoD, that made me even a happier lil Gamer Girl!

Diary of Dreams Bucharest 2012

I’ve got to say, in the beginning the stream was pure crap.  That was a shame because the opening song was The Wedding, which is always awesome live.  Not sure what the second song was since the stream buffered for about 3 minutes.  I came back in time for Mien Eid.  Later on, the stream settled down (at least for me) and I saw Adrian sing King of Nowhere, Reign of Chaos, Undivided, False Affection False Creation, Amok, Echo in Me, Butterfly Dance, The Curse, and finished off with She and Her Darkness.

There was some equipment malfunctions too.

In the end though, it was nice being able to watch the concert live and I’m sure my other half was probably yelling at me to stop singing since he was watching TV and I had my headphones in.

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