Cruxshadows – Angelus Everlasting

Last night a big group of my friends and I headed over to Utrecht to a Cruxshadows concert! This is the 3rd show from this year (we saw them back in the summer in Belgium and in Cologne on Christmas Day for the Christmas Ball).  I think that audio wise, this has been concert for my little hand held camera.  The show from Belgium, we got a lot of audio distortion.

This is the first song I’ve uploaded to YouTube from last night’s show.  It’s a song of The Cruxshadow’s newest CD, As the Dark Against My Halo, called Angelus Everlasting.  Truthfully, this is my absolute favorite off the album and it seems it’s Rogue’s pick for going out and finding a chair or bar stool to stand on (previously it was Solus off Dreamcypher).

So here you go, Angelus Everlasting.  Complete with Rogue up on the chair, dead smack in front of us.

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