Hot Cosplay GamerGrrl Marylin

Princess Leia Cosplayer
Cosplay Babe Princess Leia

Name: Marylin

Age: 23

Cosplaying since: 2007

Favorite game: Naruto series, Dead Space, Metal Gear Solid Rising

Favorite MMO: Aion

This sexy babe Marilyn really knows how to get into her cosplay character Princess Leia! With her pink light saber, she takes out the robotic droid and shows her Jedi Warrior skills with grace and style that no other can match.  On any given day this babe is prepared to battle Storm Troopers to the death or show her enemy Jabba the Hutt exactly what she thinks of him.

If you’re just into hot cosplay girls or if you’re a Star Wars movie buff, you’ll really want to take a look at this gallery and check this Gamer Grrl out!

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