It’s Pain time! Peter Tagtgren in the House!

Guess who I’m going to see tonight.  Oh, yea, I forgot…I added it in my title didn’t I? Oops.  Oh well, tonight is full of PAIN!

The last time I got to see Peter Tagtgren and the rest of the band was 2 years ago when Pain opened for the band Nightwish.  I actually had tickets to see Pain last year, where they were the main act, but I managed to catch the swine flu after a business trip to the US.  I couldn’t peel myself off the couch long enough to get ready much less make the hour drive to the concert venue and then stand there for hours for the show.

Aside from a bit of a left over cough from last week’s cold, I’m happy to report I’m healthy AND excited to finally see Pain in a setting where they’re not opening for anyone else! This means a much longer set.  Plus the venue is one of my favorite in the country, it’s called the Tivoli de Helling and it’s small and intimate.  So far I’ve also seen the Cruxshadows and Birthday Massacre in there as well.  Needless to say, the stage is very low to the ground so it was a perfect Rogue venue. LOL

I’m sure we can look forward to several of Pain‘s regular songs such as Same Old Song, I’m Going In, and of course Shut Your Mouth as the encore.  I think Pain is much like the Cruxshadows in the fact that it’s just not a concert without their trademark encore song (CSX didn’t close with Marilyn My Bitterness at the 2009 Summer Darkness concert at the main Tivoli building…I can tell you, it just didn’t sit well).

And what I’m really looking forward to is plenty of songs off Pain‘s 2011 album, You Only Live Twice.  I think the one song off that album I have an affinity with more than all others is one called The Great Pretender.  The song is extremely catchy, but above all, the video shows furry abuse.  Anyone that shows furries getting the crap beat out of them is awesome in my book.  Sorry to all the furries out there, that’s just how this GamerGrrl crumbles.  A lion paw is NOT foreplay.  Got it?