How Do You Find People to Game With?

Gamers EverywhereHaving the gaming books, dice, .pdfs, even extra cans of Mountain Dew really doesn’t matter unless you have people to play the game with.  So how d you find people to game with?

Not terribly long ago, I managed to get someone who works for me addicted to tabletop gaming.  I talked about it enough, it sounded interesting to him, so he bought up the Red Box for 4th edition D&D and convinced his wife to play.  Fast forward, he now has his sister playing but then the question came up about actually putting together a gaming group that didn’t involve all family members.

For myself personally, I’ve never had a big problem finding people to game with.  I actually suffer from a terminal disease called Chronic Player Collecting Syndrome.  I’m one of those Dungeon Masters who can’t say no to that lone player that can’t find anyone to game with and before I know it I’m running several games and I suddenly have no time to do anything else.  However, I know it’s not as easy for other people so this Gamer Grrl would like to give the less social and outgoing among you some tips on how to find games!

Gaming Conventions: Game Cons are a fantastic place to find local gamers.  Ok, so if you go to one like Gen Con Indy (better known as IndyCon) you may not find many locally, but a lot of cities have their own Con.  I can remember a little one that happened every year in my little town in the great Northwest.

Meetup.com: A few years ago I ran across Meetup.com and found a group of gamers getting together in Amsterdam.  The purpose of this particular group was to get people together from the same area of the country so they can game regularly.  Plus there’s always one-shot games run.  I think they were a little too successful because while I was running a monthly Meetup campaign of Necessary Evil, I came upon a small group of gamers in my little part of the country and sadly, I haven’t been back for almost 2 years.  If you’re the “cup is half full” kind of person, I think you can consider this a Meetup Success Story! Of course every Meetup group is going to be different, have different rules or styles, but I stand firm on it being a great place to find people to game with!

Game Shops: Almost every game shop I’ve ever step foot in, in every country I’ve been to (and I’ve been to a lot now) has had some sort of way to communicate among the gaming community about group-less players.  Perhaps they have a white board or cork board in the shop to put notes or fliers on, host gatherings, or have an electronic newsletter.  All it takes is for you to step inside and ask if they know of any groups looking for players!

Message Boards: There’s loads of message boards that discuss gaming around the web.  A lot of them have a specific section for players looking for groups.  Or sometimes, you can find local players just by taking part of the discussions.

Mind, these really are only a few suggestions.  I’ve seen people find groups on YouTube video comments, talking to other customers in a bookstore or game shop, through other gamers, even on a porn message board weirdly enough.  This isn’t the largest community out there and I always feel like there’s this little magnet located in each gamer from birth that instantly attracts them to other gamers.  Or maybe it’s just a 6th sense? The gamer sense?