Geeking it Out on CNN

I love that my hobbies and interests are becoming more and more mainstream.  I appreciate the fact that the more people who take an interest in gaming, costuming, cosplay, and the like means more companies, publishers, and freelancers will dedicate their time to making more resources for the things that I love.  So it always warms my heart when I see articles like Geek Out on CNN.

What I don’t appreciate so much is the people who comment on articles like this.  It seems that being a geek or a nerd is still a bad thing in the US.  When someone hears the word “gamer” or finds out about an event where adults go to great lengths to dress up like Storm Troopers or their favorite video game hero or villain, there’s suddenly something wrong with that individual.  How is dressing up and going to Dragon*Con any different than someone going to a bar, getting drunk and making an ass of themselves? The answer is, it’s not and those of us that game, cosplay, or larp are perfectly capable of being silly without any outside influences.  The plus is we’re probably going to remember it and have some remarkable stories to tell at future geek events.

Here are some of the negative comments that were made about CNN’s feature on the Dragon*Con parade:

Well, I guess you have to do something with your time when Mom chases you out of her basement on laundry day.

Way to insult many of your readers, CNN. Calling people “geeks” or “nerds” is not only alienating and derogatory, it’s just plain rude. I’m damn tired of having to hear these words so openly used and I refuse to allow it in my presence.

What the hell is security like for one of these things? I mean, honestly, with everyone in costume, it’s like let’s play find the terrorist.Yes, Mike, but in this case WonderWoman is 45 and 300lbs.

But, my fellow geeks came through and here’s some that made me spit my coffee out:

Sorry you find it offensive, myself, I am proud to call myself a Geek and a Nerd. I will make a suggestion for you. Take the Microprocessor out of your bum and learn to relax.

I beg your pardon. I am NOT a LOSER. I’m just a stormtrooper stuck between jobs right now.Seriously? My spouse and I are PhD scientists, our kids are going into engineering. My daughter just made a wolverine claw for fun. On a Friday night, lol. We all call ourselves geeks and nerds. Our likeminded friends do too. (note…I WANT a wolverine claw damnit!)

And I’m offended that you’re offended that he’s offended. No wait, I don’t care. PhD scientists dressed as stormtroopers. I bet the sex is great! p.s. I’ll be very offended if you aren’t offended by that.

With all this being said, it’s the perfect time to invite everyone to the Speak Out with your Geek Out event that’s going to be held between September 12th and 16th.  In very short words, this will be a great opportunity for you and I to let those people who left their inner child at the door know why we love the games and hobbies that we do!


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