Gaming on a Budget: My Clay Dungeon Props

i’m not rich.  i admit it.  i work hard for my money but just don’t have a lot of it.  like drumming (which i do), gaming can get expensive.  there are books, and lots of them:  monster manuals, dm guides, multiple players handbooks, books on settings, battle mats, dice, markers, oh my poor paycheck!

but does gaming really have to cost us an arm and a leg?  nah.  just use your imagination, get inspired from other peoples idea, buy some oven bake polymer clay, and turn on the toaster oven!

here is a bunch of props that my sister and i made with that polymer clay.  click it to expand it 😉

as you can see, for the small price of about 1-2 dollars per block of clay, we were able to make a ton of little things for our dungeons.  treasure chests, stones and blocks, coffins, tables of various looks, a campfire, jars, potions, gold pieces, skulls and bones, dressers, and my favourite, the torches.  also take note of the little black round thing at the bottom with a token in it.  that expands the size of the monster to bigger size than 1 square!  good idea, huh?  oh, and there are my zombies that i got out of those 25 cent machines and glued some clay bases onto and gave em a coat of paint too.

for the paint, i used cheap acrylic craft paint that comes in those little plastic tubs thinking it wouldn’t work well but it actually worked rather well on this type of clay and dries in seconds much to my surprise.

im also working on some “3-d dungeon tiles” which are actually cardboard.  these little details can help make your game just that much more fun and it really doesn’t have to cost you all your GP.

how about you guys and girls?  do you have any little props too?

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