GamerGrrl Music Pick: Pain – Shut Your Mouth

I saw Pain for the first time several years ago when they were opening for NightWish at the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam.  I wasn’t greatly impressed with this Swedish metal band, their music was loud (from the mix of industrial metal, electronic metal and techno), annoying, and I wished they’d just get on with it so NightWish could set up and get started.  After all, that’s why I was there! Then magic happened – Pain started into a song called ‘Shut Your Mouth.’

This is a song that came off of their 2002 record called Nothing Remains the Same but also appeared on a CD of metal bands that I found in the bottom of a box that my partner owns.  I have had Shut Your Mouth on my iPod since I found that CD in 2005 and honestly, I love the song.  As soon as Peter Tägtgren started into the song, I found myself singing along.  And as I sang along, the realization that I knew this band set in and I suddenly liked their music.  Sadly, it was the last song of the set but they got a second chance a year or so ago when they opened for NightWish once again, but this time in Rotterdam at the Ahoy.

I have tickets in my hot little hands for Pain’s October 21st show at a up close and personal venue in Utrecht called De Helling.  Pain just put out a brand new album called You Only Live Twice that I’m really looking forward to seeing live.  Plus, I get to make up for sleeping through the last concert I had tickets for where Pain wasn’t an opening act…I had the swine flu so I can forgive myself somewhat.  Not to mention some nice fellow video taped several of the good songs and put them up on YouTube for all to see.

So, enjoy the aliens and remember from one DM to many others…

The only thing I ever wanted, the only thing I ever needed is my own way – I gotta have it all.  I don’t want your opinion, I don’t need your ideas, stay the fuck out of my face, stay away from me, I am my own god – I do as I please!

Oh, PS…the opening makes a GREAT ring tone!

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