Gamer Grrl Music Find: Lord of the Lost

Tonight I watched a trailer from Pain for a new single they’re releasing on the 12th of this month.  I saw an interesting video titled Dirty Woman, a song off Pain’s new album but the figure wasn’t Peter nor any other Pain band members.  So I clicked on it.  Nope, not Pain but not bad either.  I scroll down and look through the comments and someone said it’s a band called Lord of the Lost and the song is called Sex on Legs.

First thing that hits is character inspiration.  At about 16 seconds there’s 7 people that could easily be straight from Vampire the Masquerade.  Then I decide to look up the band.  I went for the official site since their wiki page is all in German, and my German isn’t too terribly hot.  Unfortunately, their official site doesn’t have much more info than their tour dates (hmmm, I do see they’re playing Bremen on October 5th…) but I can tell from wiki they’re a 2007 German “dark rock” music group.  The singer and frontman is a guy named Chris Harms and it’s inspiration comes from HIM and Rammstein.

Evidently they have 2 albums, one from 2010 called Fears and the other from this year (2011) called Antagony.

Go ahead and listen to Sex on Legs and see if you’re going to join me in adding more music to your mp3 device!

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