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I’d like to profile another Gamer Grrl today! She’s had cameo appearances in a few tv shows, created her own web series, and is a gamer grrl herself! Meet Felicia Day!

I first discovered Felicia Day back in 2008 when Joss Whedon released Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog which starred Felicia Day as Penny who was the love interest of both Dr. Horrible (Neil Patrick Harris) and Captain Hammer (Nathan Fillion).  Really, this was the ultimate geek Internet movie that came out because it had villains, super heroes, pretty girls, and Nathan Fillion (you might also know him as Captain Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly).

Shortly after I saw Dr. Horrible, someone sent me a link to a web series called The Guild since I was an avid EverQuest player.  What would you know? The pretty red head from Dr. Horrible was in it as well.  No, wait! She actually created this web series! It wasn’t hard to like the series, mostly because I could recognize the stereotypes from my own gaming life.  But I can tell you, Felicia Day really makes it easy on the eyes!

Click here to watch Season 1-4 of The Guild

Since 2008 I’ve been an avid fan of Felicia’s work.  She’s appeared in Bring it On as Penelope, Red: Werewolf Hunter as Virgina Sullivan, Buffy the Vampire Slayer as Vi, House as Apple (yea, bad things happened to her…but it’s House.  I didn’t expect less.), Dollhouse as Mag (her and Joss Whedon are friends…she appears in a lot of his work), and Eureka as Dr. Holly Marten.  She’s been in loads of other stuff, but this is what you might have heard of.

In addition to The Guild, she’s started a new 6 part web series for Dragon Age: Redemption where she plays Tallis and she’s also the creative director.  The filming started early this year, and I’m still watching her blog avidly for an announcement of the 1st episode.  At Comic Con, Felicia was on a panel which spoke about Dragon Age.  It was confirmed that each episode will run about 6-10 minutes, and the full run time will be roughly an hour.  There still isn’t a release date we can look forward to, maybe something will be said at Dragon*Con!

Of course, on top of Felicia’s acting resume, she’s also a gamer grrl.  In various interviews she’s stated her love for video games started at an early age.  She started with the old MUDs like Zork and then moved up to Ultima.  Some of the other games she’s mentioned (and like any gamer, girl or guy, there’s a laundry list) are Kings Quest, Planescape, Baldur’s Gate, Diablo, Mass Effect 2, World of Warcraft (this is where the idea of The Guild came from), Mass Effect, Dragon Age and lots more!

One of these days I’m going to get to a convention where she’s speaking so I can get an actual interview from this gamer grrl, but for now, I hope you enjoyed my little profile of Felicia Day! You can check her out on Season 5 of The Guild which is currently being released!


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