Gamer Grrl Character Creation Tip: Character Concept

If you’re a Gamer Grrl, or any gamer for that matter, you’ll encounter things daily that just beg to become a character concept.  Take today for example…

I was working away behind my computer this morning doing boring administrative things when the business manager mentions that a web-cam company we work with has released a live psychic cam site.  Then he started laughing because of one of the guys listed on the site with his crystal ball.  I wander over to his computer and peer over his shoulder and before I can stop myself I exclaim, “Oh my god! THAT is my next character for Vampire the Masquerade.”  The business manager, who is the furthest thing from a table-top gamer (not sure if he even plays video games to be honest), looks over his shoulder with that “you really are weird, you know that?” look.  I’m used to it.  At least I’m not the only gamer there anymore and others completely understood my thought process about this being an awesome character concept!

Character Concept: Lubomir GesheMeet Lubomir Geshe, a 4th generation Russian American who’s family has made a fortune swindling the stupid and gullible.  As the sole heir to his family’s fortune, Lubomir takes his money and family’s art to Chicago to set up shop in a posh little penthouse to offer the rich and famous readings to find love in their life, money, and luck.  However, what they don’t know is Lubomir has a dark side.  He’s a 12th generation Toreador who’s sire embraced him as an investment.  It’s always good to have a childe with vast fortunes.

With Auspex, Dominate, Presence and Celerity, who needs real magic and fortune telling skills? Lubomir can tell how his client is feeling, pull thoughts out of their heads, dominate them into believing things are true, awe them, and move quicker than the human eye.  Truly, Lubomir is the king of the hustle.  Or is he? He’s not brave, he won’t volunteer for anything unless he has to, the only reason he’s part of the Camarilla is because his Clan has threatened him, and he’s willing to throw anyone and everyone under the bus in order to get out of something.

I don’t think Mr. Lubomir is going to live very long.  I’ll put bets on maybe 3 sessions? I have a feeling it’s going to be a player induced death to boot, much like Shirley Temple (8 year old that was embraced by a Malkavian, who thought she was Shirley Temple.  She lasted 2 hours before a fellow player torched her with a flame thrower…)

This is just proof that sometimes people that you just run across scream CHARACTER CONCEPT! When I go to actually make up Ludomir, I’ll post the actual character creation process on GamerGrrls so you can see a V:TM character being made.

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