Video Game Tax – Yay or Nay?

Where ever there’s a mass shooting or grievous violence, the end fault always seems to land on the shoulders of “violent” video games.

Not graphic violence on TV.

Not graphic violence depicted on the news, or in the newspaper and other news media.

Not graphic violence depicted in songs…we can still beat them bitches and hoes to our hearts content.

And not in role-playing games, history books, or other media avenues.

And absolutely NOT in the lack of parenting.

Video games are ALWAYS found at fault.  So, in the wake of the tragic Sandy Hook incident, a Connecticut state representative has proposed a 10% violence tax on all video games that are rated mature.  So what does this mean?

Well, of course those that enjoy the actual real “violent” video games like Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto and Gears of War will have to pay the tax.  And more than likely games like American McGees Alice, Diablo, and even Everquest/World of Warcraft will have to pay.  However, the games don’t have to be simply “violent” to fall prey to this tax.  The Sims3, Fable, Civilization, Thief, or even Overlord will have to pay the tax.

Personally, I think this is rather idiotic since this tax isn’t going to fix anything.  It’s not going to bring the victims of violence back and I know for certain it won’t go to actually helping mentally ill folks.  No, it will just become one of those taxes where the revenue goes off somewhere we can’t see and ends up in the pockets of politicians.

Then again, I’d be willing to pay this tax as long as the bitches and hoes get a 10% tax too and THAT money goes to women’s abuse shelters.  Of course, that’s probably racist.  Gotta protect them bitches and hoes being smacked around after all!


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