The Use of the Word ‘Gay’ in Gaming, Steampunk, Everyday Life

Stempunk Facebook PageOn Facebook, I follow the community page that is all about Steampunk.  I love seeing people’s awesome costumes, art work and constructons because it gives me ideas and inspirations of my own.  In fact, I’m planning on dressing up for the Elf Fantasy Fair Haarzuilens in April as Alex, from A Clockwork Orange.  Of course, this isn’t just any Alex –  it’s going to be a steampunked out Alex (hey, I have gears I need to put on something!!).

Well, yesterday a post came by from the Steampunk Page about someone who called steampunk ‘gay’.  Of course this made me think instantly of the editorial that Sean Patrick Fannon of DriveThruRPG wrote back in August about ‘Some Gamers are Gay.’  Honestly, Sean’s article applies 100% to the Steampunk situation.

Look people, I’m disgusted just as much as the next person about how PC (politically correct) America, Americans, and much of the world has become.  I dislike the fact that everyone is being so careful about what they say, do, or feel because they’re scared to death of offending someone or a group.  I think people are rather stupid about giving words power over their feelings and self esteem.  However, I find it easier to get by in this world to just think before I open my mouth (ok, doesn’t always work but I try) and not say the worlds that could hurt someone next to me.  Am I always successful? Not at all.  The fact is though, our hobby is exclusive enough that I don’t want ANYONE turned away from it because of some words that were said so I do my best.

So the plea that I have for those of you reading this, is the same plea I had when Sean wrote his editorial piece, THINK before you speak.  If you use the word ‘gay’ often, stop.  If you hear someone using discriminatory remarks, have the courage to speak up and correct them.  If we don’t speak up and say “no, this is wrong”, then those words will continue to be used.

Oh, and thank you to the person who runs the Steampunk Page for making the comment you did.  I know there was several comments saying you or the folks who have made comments shouldn’t have fed the troll(s), however, I think even if it’s going to tickle some keyboard warrior’s fancy that they got a response out of you, it’s important to show that this behaviour isn’t tolerated by You or the larger community that enjoys the Steampunk Page.

Steampunk and Game on!

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