Press Release Fails: Gamers Have Urges too!

Every great once in awhile, when I go through the various press releases and launch notices about new sites and innovations in, I come across something related to gaming.  This morning was one of those days when I came across a little gem of a press release.

Evidently a dating site called launched a new sister site called  This idea has always been swimming around in my head because there’s one universal truth.  Gamer guys want to hook up with gamer girls.  Why not combine hot, single gamer girls with horny guys? It’s a gold mine waiting to happen.  From the look of it I’m not the only person who’s thought this through.

However, as I read through the press release, I damn near spit out my coffee because I was laughing so hard.  Of course the others in the office wanted to know what I was giggling hysterically at.

Founder Tom Thurlow conceived the new site after noticing that many members of his DateaGamer website were not looking for endless love, but rather someone to bed in between “Call of Duty” and “Diablo” sessions.

Really? No kidding.  I thought gamers were all looking to settle down for a monogamous life with the perfect wife, 2 kids, dog and white picket fence.  But this isn’t the part that had me cleaning my computer screen.

“Since its launch earlier in the year, has grown more quickly than we ever anticipated.  Over the past few months we noticed that instead of looking for love, many of the members were using the site purely to meet up for sex.”

Nope, still not yet.  Just setting you up.

“It’s not something we were expecting, but obviously gamers have urges too…”

Oh, really? Gamers have urges too? While I have little faith in the up and coming generation as far as being relate to the opposite sex much less each other if it doesn’t have to do with the internet, controllers, or pixels, I honestly wouldn’t have ever known (as a gamer) that we have urges.  However, if I weren’t happily married (to a gamer) I’m sure that I’d have found my “urge” with your site.  Oh, wait, I had Everquest to thank for that one…

Well done DateaGamer, well done.

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