Leap Day! In before the day is over!

Wow.  February has been particularly busy for me.  So busy that I haven’t had time to make one post on GamerGrrls myself! Phewww! I bet you are just dying to know what I’ve been up to.

Lets see.  Gym.  Lots and lots of gym and jogging.  2011 was dedicated to giving myself an overhaul and I’ve dedicated 2012 to lifting weights.  Why? Because I can and someone made the off hand comment to me that girls can’t lift heavy weights because we’ll puff up like the Incredible Hulk.  Um, excuse me?! Unless a girl is a freak of nature and has more testosterone or is taking stuff she shouldn’t, there’s no way to ‘Hulk’ up.  So lifting it is! My goal is to be able to bench 100kg, mostly to just say I can.  So far my squats suck, my deadlifts are at about 88lbs, and my bench press is about 88lbs as well.  I can swing a 24kg kettlebell and do all sorts of other nifty things that I couldn’t do in January 2011.  However, this is a time sink.  Worth it, but it costs loads of time.

Oh yea, and I’m jogging too.  Up to 8k.  I’m planning on entering the Dam tot Dam Loop that’s held in Amsterdam each fall!

Then there’s work.  It’s contest time again and I get this responsibility 100% this year.  Of course I can’t simply organize a contest worth $30,000 in prize money itself.  Nooo..I get to organize a party in Miami too! South Beach no less! The cool thing about this is I’ll get to see a guildy from my old Everquest guild AND a good friend I larped with.  See, there’s some gaming related stuff here.

I stopped playing my Saturday vampire game simply because I’m booked until after May.  I’m a busy, busy girl.  However, I am DMing my bi-weekly Vampire Darkages game.  They’re getting ready to march on Carthage.  I have many evil, evil things planned.  Oh, and I have created a sub-domain to write about their adventures.  As soon as I get it up to snuff I’ll link it so you can follow it too!

Starting May 13th I’m going to be running a Savaged Paranoia game for the country’s Meetup Group.  I’m curious to see how Savage World will do for a seriousish Paranoia game.  Plus, this is going to be a setting for an eventual con game.  More about that later.

There weren’t any concerts this month, however, there’s a bit of a concert marathon coming up.  My dear and loving other half made a dream come true and got me tickets to see Loreena McKennit in Dusseldorf! I’ve been following her since the very early 90s and never got to see her live since tickets are usually both spendy and scarce.  So I can’t even go on about how excited I am!

March 16th is the album release party for Epica’s newest album.  That’ll be held at the 013 in Tilburg…and I get to take my video camera.

In April Delain (a dutch metal band) is playing at the p60.  I’m probably going to go to that one since I haven’t seen them since their first album was released.  My parents are also visiting the entire month of April and we’ll be headed to Germany for a week.  That ought to be fun and provide lots of ideas and fodder for games.  Especially since Cindarella’s castle in Austria is on the will see even if it’s the last thing I do list.

May 19th I’ll be in Miami then probably head over to WA State to visit my family.

June is Children of Bodem at the Melkweg in Amsterdam.

July is the Cruxshadows (YAY!!!!!!!) in Bochum.  I’m also seriously, seriously considering the Amphi Festival in Germany this year because the line up for Sunday is KILLER.  Cruxshadows, Blutengel, Project Pitchfork, CombiChrist, Lord of the Lost and The Other are all playing.  That’s pretty much my entire iPod playlist right there.

Either August or September is Lord of the Lost in I think Bochum or Essen Germany.  I can’t remember which.  August also may be Diary of Dreams if day tickets for the Summer Darkness festival are a decent price.

September is also Gamescom in Koln I believe.  I plan on hitting that up as well.

And maybe, just maybe somewhere in that mix my awesome other half will be able to talk a co-worker of his into letting us come over to either his Monaco or Barcelona flat for the F1 Grand Prix (yea, so I like Formula 1.  I’m a chick of many talents and interests!).

Well crap, that’s most of my year already planned! And that’s not even counting loads of Descent mini painting, con game writing, hanging with friends and eating kangaroo and drinking loads of cidar, etc.  What about video game playing? The latest movie? Or new book releases? LOL

So yea, that’s a bit of what’s coming up and I promise to make more of an effort to update GamerGrrls!

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