End of Nations (MMO & Real Time Strategy)

The perks of following my favorite publishers on Facebook (like Pinnacle who publishes Savage Worlds) is I find all sorts of interesting things.  Such as Shane Hensley being the Executive Producer of a Massively Multiplayer Online Real-Time Strategy RPG called “End of Nations”

This game is put out by TRION, who has also put out Defiance and Rift.  I haven’t played either, but I do play Savage Worlds.  If Shane does as good of a job for End of Nations as he does for the tabletop gaming system Savage Worlds, then I wouldn’t mind giving this beta a go.  Even though it looks a little futuristic for me.  But, it’s free and it’ll only take minutes to uninstall it if I hate it, right?

Besides, nobody can be as bad as Funcom or Blizzard right now!

End of Nations MMO



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