Eve Online

30 Days into Eve Online

I’m not new to MMO’s at all. I’m not even “new” to Eve Online. I actually tried it 2 times before this and decided it was the worst game ever. I’m not one to really need hand holding but for a game as complex as Eve Online, I needed a little more than they were giving and decided to go back to whatever game(s) I was playing at the time.

My husband stuck to Eve. He dabbled in Elder Scrolls Online with me for a little while before deciding he didn’t like it and went back to his simulation games and Eve. I’ve been an Eve widow for several years.

Then 30 days ago something made me decide to give it a go again. Aside from my husband I have someone I work with that plays so I decided why not. With an Alpha account it’s free to play so the worst I’d do is waste some time to try it a third and final time.

I’m still here and I’m enjoying myself. In 30 days I’ve gone Omega, done a newbie fleet roam, managed to get up to level 3 security missions, accidentally ventured into low sec and got myself blown up, and ventured into low sec for the purpose of pvp. Solo pvp that is.

Eve Is NOT for the Faint of Heart

I’m enjoying Eve Online but I can see why others might not. It’s one of the true remaining sandbox MMO’s where getting blown up means you’re not re-spawning somewhere with all your stuff.

Honestly, it’s what Everquest should have stayed as. If you die, too bad so sad. Either get someone to help you retrieve your body so you can get a res and/or get your stuff, or move on.

If you want a game where you can cut out a little niche for yourself (I think I know where I’m going in life… I kind of like solo pvp), then Eve may be for you.

Regardless, I have found the first 30 days to be pretty fun and will hopefully be around for awhile.


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