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LoTLSeptember 2011 I stumbled upon a video on YouTube that was labeled as the band Pain.  In actuality, the song Sex on Legs wasn’t from Pain but from a German band called Lord of the Lost.  Since the video looked like something straight out of Vampire the Masquerade (and the music wasn’t bad either), I was hooked.

I never really looked into who the band was, I just liked their music.  I also really wanted to see them live, but at the time I discovered them they weren’t coming anywhere close to the Netherlands much less any venues I regularly go to just over the boarder in Germany.  So October 2012 they were playing a venue in Enschede.  I found someone who wanted to go with me, bought tickets, and waited.  Then tragedy struck…the singer of the band started having throat problems so wouldn’t be making the stops in Enschede or Rotterdam.  Damn!

It was at this point that I started looking into Lord of the Lost a bit more and I found out that I’ve probably seen the singer live before, but as a guitarist for a band I love to hate.  Big Boy.

I won’t go into my loathing of Big Boy, but lets just say that they were an opening act for the first Cruxshadows show I saw in Europe back in 2007 at the Matrix in Bochum, Germany.

You’ll never guess where I saw Lord of the Lost last night.  Yup.  At the Matrix, in Bochum, Germany.

Christ HarmsI’m not 100% certain Chris Harms was actually part of Big Boy back in 2007, but if he was, irony was at it’s fullest since everything came full circle last night and I learned a few things.  First, I think I might have to apologize to Big Boy for hating them so much.  The sound at the Matrix was horrible in 2007 and it was still pretty bad in 2013.  So it may not have been Big Boy that was bad…

Class and UnzuchtThe second thing I learned, never go to the Matrix to see a band you haven’t seen before.  The sound quality is horrible!! If you’re in the center of the room, I think the sound is a little better (from what I remember back in 2007 since I was center room for CSX).  However, it was packed last night and the closest I got to the stage was about 6 rows back and to the right so I was just under the right hand speaker.  For several songs it took me at least 1 verse to realize what song it was since it was just coming out as noise.

The third thing I learned is you will come out of the Matrix smelling like an ashtray.  Apparently smoking is still allowed in this venue (haven’t seen smoking in the building at the last few concerts in Germany) and it sucked.  Every time I inhaled to scream or sing, I was sucking in someone else’s disgusting smoke.  I appreciate the fact that the venues I go to the most don’t allow this and because of this (and the bad sound) I probably won’t be going to the Matrix again.  It’s just not worth the price of the ticket or the drive.

However, overall, it was a good night.  Even though the person who was supposed to go with me ditched me at the last minute, even though my other half who wasn’t planning on attending wasn’t able to get off work any earlier so we would arrive on time, even through a white wall of snow that made me slow down to 50 on the autohahn, even though we arrived late and I missed the first few songs of Unzucht who was co-headlining with Lord of the Lost, even though it was so packed I would hit someone or get hit when hands went in the air, and even through the crappy sound, I finally got to see Chris Harms and Lord of the Lost live.

Now I’ve got to wait patiently for them to play at a decent venue so I can actually make out the words of the songs! Maybe I should buy tickets to Mera Luna…


Last night a big group of my friends and I headed over to Utrecht to a Cruxshadows concert! This is the 3rd show from this year (we saw them back in the summer in Belgium and in Cologne on Christmas Day for the Christmas Ball).  I think that audio wise, this has been concert for my little hand held camera.  The show from Belgium, we got a lot of audio distortion.

This is the first song I’ve uploaded to YouTube from last night’s show.  It’s a song of The Cruxshadow’s newest CD, As the Dark Against My Halo, called Angelus Everlasting.  Truthfully, this is my absolute favorite off the album and it seems it’s Rogue’s pick for going out and finding a chair or bar stool to stand on (previously it was Solus off Dreamcypher).

So here you go, Angelus Everlasting.  Complete with Rogue up on the chair, dead smack in front of us.

In March 2000 the Succubus Club CD was released for Vampire the Masquerade.  On that CD was the Clan Tremere song that was produced by Diary of Dreams.  Now, 12 years later, Diary of Dreams has re-released Blind in Darkness on their brand new acoustic album called Anatomy of Silence (19 October 2012) under the name of Rumours About Angels.

A few weeks ago Diary of Dreams put a short clip of the song out for fans on their Official Facebook Fan Page, and I instantly fell in love.  Where the original song was very hard to understand and creepy (which we all know isn’t exactly out of character for the Tremere), the re-release has been ‘jazzed’ up.  I really love how Adrian Hate’s singing is much clearer in this version.  For a Tremere player, it really does justice to the first verse.

I will plaster all you mortals with dominating guts
I will torment revelations – I did never ask for much
I will taste the detonation while the geminis go wild
I’ll absorb the human sigh, eradicate your dormant lie…

Some fans of the song might argue that the song really doesn’t reflect the original melody, however, it does go back to the original melody at about 2:10 into the song.  But then after the original melody, it really kind of gives this thrilling little punch while going into the chorus.

Of course there is one minor thing that is driving me nuts about the re-release of Blind in Darkness/Rumours About Angels on the Anatomy of Silence album…the ONLY date where Diary of Dreams is close to me on their Anatomy of Silence acoustic tour is October 31st, a bloody damned weekday! Ah well.  I suppose I’ll have to survive with the album for now.

If you like the acoustic version of Blind in Darkness/Rumours About Angels, then check out the other songs on the album.  I never was fond of the album version of She and Her Darkness and preferred the live version, but Anatomy of Silence fixes that.  And of course you have other favorites such as Amok and Traumtanzer as well!

Make sure to support Diary of Dreams and purchase Anatomy of Silence to support their efforts and keep Adrian Hates and the crew making music for us!

I should actually be working on some pre-generated characters for my Sunday one shot of Vampire Darkages, or maybe working on that My Little Pony: Whinny of Cthulhu scenario that I started writing.  However, it’s Friday night and I kind of got the song ‘Call Me Maybe’ stuck in my head and I started looking at all the videos people have put up on YouTube dancing and lip singing to the song.

Indulge me and we’ll get back to talking about gaming.

So, at number 10 there’s the Kunar, Afghanistan US Army Soldiers.  Everyone needs a little downtime, even in the middle of a war zone.  Oh, and a shout to the dude doing the barbell squats…ditch the bench and go below parallel like a man.

Number 9 of my favorites so far tonight goes to the Navy Boys.  We’ll chalk it up to cabin fever.

Number 8 is yet another military video.  I guess there’s really not much to do when you’re shipped out to the middle of nowhere.  Not bad boys! You even managed to find a girl!!

Number 7 is full of hot chicks.  Not really a fantastic vid, but the chicks got it bumped up a bit.

Number 6 proves that tennis is so boring they actually have to call in Carly Ray Jepsen for the people bored to absolute tears.

Number 5.  Cheerleaders.  Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders.  Bet they know how to barbell squat to below parallel…

Number 4 are the Abercrombie and Fitch guys.  I’m going to put money that they can squat to parallel too.  I wouldn’t mind standing behind that squat rack *cough* moving on…

Number 3 goes to this fairly creative video that makes President Obama ‘sing’ the song.  I don’t think Obama can squat to parallel.  Just sayin…

Number 2 goes to these awesomely cool grandparents in this cover video.  If you haven’t called to tell your grandparents to tell them you love them lately, do it.  They won’t be around for ever!

And my favorite, number 1 video, is the Chatroulette version.  I’ve got to give this guy props, he made me laugh pretty hard!



I’m walking with Sophie tonight,
She lives in the air that I breathe;
I can’t get it out of my mind
How you were left to bleed…
Was it how you dressed?
Or how you act?
I can’t believe
How they could act so violently,
Without regret,
Well, we will not forget…

We are the others,
We are the cast outs,
We’re the outsiders
But you can’t hide us,
We are the others,
We are the cast outs
You’re no longer on your own
If you feel mistreated,
Torn and cheated,
You’re not alone,
We are the others



There’s nothing that makes me happier than when a band streams their show live from a concert location that I can’t be at! Diary of Dreams streamed live from the Silver Church Club in Bucharest the other night and because it was DoD, that made me even a happier lil Gamer Girl!

Diary of Dreams Bucharest 2012

I’ve got to say, in the beginning the stream was pure crap.  That was a shame because the opening song was The Wedding, which is always awesome live.  Not sure what the second song was since the stream buffered for about 3 minutes.  I came back in time for Mien Eid.  Later on, the stream settled down (at least for me) and I saw Adrian sing King of Nowhere, Reign of Chaos, Undivided, False Affection False Creation, Amok, Echo in Me, Butterfly Dance, The Curse, and finished off with She and Her Darkness.

There was some equipment malfunctions too.

In the end though, it was nice being able to watch the concert live and I’m sure my other half was probably yelling at me to stop singing since he was watching TV and I had my headphones in.

Things have been way too quiet around here, so it’s time to liven it up with a GamerGrrl Music pick! MaYan! And that’s not the Mayans from South America who predicted the end of the world this coming December 21st.  No, this is the project band of Mark Jansen of Epica and AfterForever!

MaYaN is classified as a symphonic death metal band due to Mark’s grunting and screaming.  Then you bring in the German singer of Sons of Seasons, Henning Basse, as well as Mark’s sister Floor Jansen, Epica singer Simone Simmons, and Italian opera singer Laura Macri and you’ve got something very loud and beautiful.

Unfortunately, Floor (of ReVamp) and Simone weren’t at the p60 show, but they were at the record release last year so I got to see them then.  Laura was at the p60 show and Henning picked up Floor’s parts which was pretty awesome sounding in it’s own right.

I’ve got some footage from the concert that I shot with my brand new little video camera.  Please excuse the shakiness of the video and the fact that people’s heads are in the way.  I’m only5’6 in the sea of the tall dutch people in the crowd.  Whenever I go to a concert here in Holland, the beanpoles seem to like accumulating in front of me.

So without further ado, here is the opening song from the album Quarterpast, Symphony of Aggression from the January 6th show at the p60 in Amstelveen!

Alice ReturnsA little while ago while I was going through Facebook updates, I ran across this Alice Madness Returns video which used The Cruxshadows song Wake the White Queen.

Now, being a Gamer Girl, I do have to talk a little about Alice.

Many moons ago (2000 I think), American McGee released a game called Alice via Rogue Entertainment and Electronic Arts.  In a nutshell, Alice is an alternate universe to the Alice in Wonderland story we’ve all grown up with, and it’s really not a very nice place to be.  How not nice? Alice and the sequel Alice Returns has spawned inspiration for a Malkavian character in my weekly Vampire the Masquerade game.  Coincidentally, the character is named….Alice if anyone really wanted to know.

On the flip side, one of my favorite authors Neil Gaiman helped develop a story for a movie called Mirror Mask.  A few years back The Cruxshadows put a song out on an album called Where’s Neil.  All the songs on the album are about the various works of Neil Gaiman and the one by CXS is called Wake the White Queen.  If you’ve ever seen Mirror Mask, the song suddenly makes sense.

Evidently someone out there in YouTube land decided to pair some outtake scenes from Alice Madness Returns with Wake the White Queen and I have to say as a fan of both the video game, movie and band, a pretty good job was done.  The only shame is the video doesn’t use the entire song.

I’ll have to do a review of Alice Madness Returns as soon as I get a chance to play it…I’m a slacker.  I keep playing SimCity4 instead…

And for those who want to listen to the entire song, here’s a performance from The Cruxshadows at Dragon*Con 08 complete with masks because you know…everyone wears masks!

Since my dearest and nearest couldn’t think of anything else to get me for my birthday next month, he decided to get me tickets to the Diary of Dreams concert in Antwerp next month (December 4th).  Aside from the fact that I’m the one who actually had to figure out the order form and purchase the tickets, I can’t say I’m unhappy with his choice of gift.

I’ve got to say, it’s been fairly annoying.  Since October 29th, I’ve had nearly the entire Diary of Dreams playlist from their last concert stuck in my head.  Usually it’s Pain or the Cruxshadows that get this honor (or perhaps a really annoying song called Wat Zullen We Drinken).  So my whole theory is if I end the year with another Diary of Dreams concert, maybe the songs will become unstuck from my brain.

I can always hope, right?

Oh, and there could be worst places for a concert than Antwerp.  Adrian Hates + warm belgian waffles…yuuumm!

I’ll leave you with the current song that’s been on loop in my skull…The Wedding.

So Saturday night, two of my friends and I headed over to Amstelveen to see Darkwave band Diary of Dreams.  I talked a little bit about them back in a GamerGrrl Music Pick when I was talking about the Clan Tremere song (off of the Succubus Club CD).  I’ve got to say, they were a complete pleasure to see live.

The opening acts outright sucked.  It was clear the club promoter knew nothing of the people who were coming to see Diary of Dreams.  The first act was this dutch DJ doing some electronic dance music that better belonged at a rave or dance party.  One guy (we dubbed Steve Jobs) was doing stuff on his Apple Mac Book the whole time.  Whatever the other guy took before the show, I wanted some.  I imagine that’s what Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang would have looked like on drugs.

The second act was slightly more appropriate.  Just slightly.  It kind of looked like a bunch of guys in midlife crisis that decided to form a band.  The only interesting person was the keyboard guy who had a trench coat and a spy vs. spy type hat.

Diary of Dreams, however, was well worth waiting through the garbage for.

Ok, this is where I get to be 100% girl.  Front man Adrian Hates is hot, hot, hot.  He was originally a classically trained guitarist and pianist (he has been known to play the guitar for Diary of Dreams if something happens to their guitarist) and then he decided to start the Diary of Dreams project in the 80s.  Yea, they’ve been around that long and lord the man still looks hot.  What I really like (but is annoying trying to take photos) is, like Rogue from the Cruxshadows, he never stands still.  I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised because like typical Darkwave music, you can’t hold still either.  It still amazes me how many dutch people can just stand there and watch in stead of move to the music because it just calls to your soul.  Oh, and Adrian’s voice is as amazing live as recorded.

Something else I really enjoyed is they didn’t stick just to their English songs.  They played several of their German tracks as well, which is pretty awesome.  I know the songs, and the words, but it always sounds different live than on CD.

Ok, I’ve got to give props to the dude with the mohawk too.  He was all over the place as well and Adrian and the bassist played off of each other well.

While I didn’t take any video and nobody has put any video of the show on YouTube just yet, this video is from Friday night and gives you a taste of the closing song.  This is, Amok from Diary of Dreams:

I don’t know if Diary of Dreams tours outside of Europe, but if you have a chance to see them, I highly recommend it.  It won’t be a waste of time if you like this type of music!