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If you’re reading this blog, the chances that this new song that our favorite geeks from The Guild has just released will speak to your heart.  It’s about all the ‘Cool Kids’ in high school (or even middle school) who picked on those of us who rather be sitting around the table playing Advanced Dungeons and Dragons rather than nailing the latest conquest at the jock’s weekend keger.

So, without further ado, here is I’m the One That’s Cool being sung by Felicia Day and The Guild.

While we’ve been losing literary masterminds for generations, from Mark Twain to Edgar Allan Poe, the fantasy genre lost someone that is near and dear to a lot of us.  Anne McCaffrey.

Like many teenagers who love everything about dragons and fantasy in general, I grew up reading about the Dragon Riders of Pern.  Along side Meredith ann Pierce (Darkangel Trilogy), Tamora Pierce (Tortall series among others), and L.J. Smith (Vampire Diaries), Ann McCaffrey was one of my favorite female fantasy authors to curl up on the couch and read whether it be about Pern or Acorna.

I never was able to be in the right place at the right time to get a book signed or hear any of her readings, but regardless, I was still a fan.

Thank you Anne McCaffrey for giving me a place to escape to, with dragons.

Finally! After 18 months the first episode of gamer girl Felicia Day‘s web series Dragon Age is finally here! The first episode is Dragon Age: Redeption – Tallis.

I’ve got to admit, good things come to those who wait.  While I’m not a Dragon Age player, I can appreciate the costuming, the acting, and the props.  In 7 minutes I was drawn into the Dragon Age world and I’ve got to say, I fell in love with Felicia Day’s character Tallis.  That girl is one talented bunny! Actor, director…and man she looks awesome with muscles!

Without further ado, I offer you episode 1 of Dragon Age: Redemption.

I’d like to profile another Gamer Grrl today! She’s had cameo appearances in a few tv shows, created her own web series, and is a gamer grrl herself! Meet Felicia Day!

I first discovered Felicia Day back in 2008 when Joss Whedon released Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog which starred Felicia Day as Penny who was the love interest of both Dr. Horrible (Neil Patrick Harris) and Captain Hammer (Nathan Fillion).  Really, this was the ultimate geek Internet movie that came out because it had villains, super heroes, pretty girls, and Nathan Fillion (you might also know him as Captain Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly).


Video Game Girl with GunI’ve briefly talked about who GamerGrrl is in my ‘About’ section and the fact that I don’t intend my site to be about porn for the sake of porn.  However, in favor of keeping the ‘About’ section short, I decided to save this topic for the first post of my site.  So without further ado, is GamerGrrls porn? Simply put, no.

I’ve been interested in the fantasy genre for as long as I can remember.  Movies like The Dark Crystal, Legend, The Last Unicorn, and even the cartoon He-Man fueled my imagination.  Like any little girl I loved unicorns, fairies, and other fantastical beasts.  I checked out books about mythical creatures and was entranced by Greek and Roman mythology.  In fact, Clash of the Titans was the movie my mother rented whenever I had to stay home sick.  Little did I know our little friend Bubo, the clockwork owl, would fuel my future fascination with the Steampunk genre!

Quickly I noticed something about fantasy, the women in it.  Ever notice if there’s a painting or drawing of a chain mail, sword or magic wielding woman, she’s half naked? C’mon, who are we kidding? That bikini mail isn’t going to protect much when you’re fighting a fire breathing dragon or a horde of kobolds.  And those boobs? What orc wacking heroine wants an inflated chest the size of watermelons! It’s not very practical in plate armor, now is it?! Mage Girl

Yet, the moment we turn a woman into a sorceress, she magically morphs into a scantly clad (or topless and sometimes even fully naked) succubus! Give a woman a gun in a comic or video game, and she becomes a naughty, busty, villainess!And god forbid we give a woman fairy wings.  She becomes a dainty sexual creature waiting to fulfill the wild fantasies of a knight in shining armor.

Yet, as a woman myself, I can identify with these bare chested beauties.  Every single one of us wants to feel sexy and these fantasy heroines and villainesses.  This is why I love wearing corsets and this is why almost every single one of my table-top RPG characters are drop dead gorgeous beauties.  And lets face it folks, not counting fantasy art, sex comes up a lot in games of all types.  I’ve born witness to the sex-triangle in the LARPs.  Sex has been brought up in tabletop games I’ve played in and Dungeon Mastered for more times than I can count (remind me to tell you about my rogue Tala someday…she often masqueraded as a prostitute).  And there’s the cyber sex in MMOs.  Don’t tell me I’m the only one that’s wiped my raid for sending a perfectly timed tell to the main tank…

So folks, that is what GamerGrrls is about.  This is about females and sexuality in the game world.  Lets stop being prudish Americans already and celebrate the female form.  I for one will be! Oh yea, and while you won’t find full fledged porn on this site, you are bound to come across bare boobs here and there.

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