Supporting Occupy Wall Street Gamer Style

I really don’t know about your gaming sessions, but in my experience a lot of us are arm chair politicians.  About 75% of the night is actual gaming, 20% BSing, and 5% in political debate and solving the world’s problems.  Personally, at this point I don’t think it would be a bad thing to put … Read moreSupporting Occupy Wall Street Gamer Style

Warning: Anime and Manga may be harmful to your health

It’s absolutely true.  Today, in the 21st century where we’re supposed to be open minded peoples, people are being thrown behind bars for…wait for it…manga and anime.

What is Manga and Anime?

I’m not going to go into the full depths of this question, as a true fan might be tempted to, but in a nutshell it’s a Japanese animated cartoon.  Anime is short for “animation.”  I don’t know what’s popular today since I haven’t watched nor collected any anime since 2005, but in my day Tri-Gun, Cowboy Bebop, Fullmetal Alchemist, Bleach, Vampire Princess Miyu, Hellsing, and of course Vampire Hunter D were what was in.  Of course there’s Sailer Moon, Pokemon, Dragon Ballz, and all those that can be considered anime as well.

Manga is the Japanese word for “comics” and consists of comic and print cartoons.  Think graphic novels, but done in the Japanese style.

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Some Gamers are Gay

Note from Gamer Grrl: The words below are not my own, but from a man named Sean Patrick Fannon from DriveThruRPG.  It’s a thoughtful piece, especially where the young man wrote him to thank him for speaking up at the tournament.  I vow to be more thoughtful about my own words when sitting at the gaming table, because he’s right, and I’m guilty of doing this exact thing on ocassion.  Being gay has become something negative and we never know who’s sitting there with you.  I’m better than that and I challenge you to be too.

Some Gamers are Gay

No, I don’t mean that in the all-too-popular vernacular of “I don’t like that, that’s gay.” I mean there is a significant and highly-involved community of gamers within our culture that are homosexual. Many do not regularly wear signs or symbols to identify themselves as such; for many, it has absolutely nothing to do with their participation in gaming.

Just as I am a straight man who likes to play Savage Worlds, one of my dearest friends is a gay man who greatly prefers the Hero System (and still chides me for abandoning the system I sold him and so many others on all those years ago). That I am straight and he is gay has nothing to do with our gaming interactions. Better still, Chris being gay has never had much of an impact on any of the gaming experiences we shared, or on the gaming community that we both participated in back in Athens, GA, and later in Jacksonville, FL.

Maybe I missed something, but somewhere along the way, the phrase “that’s gay” crept into the pop culture lexicon and took root like a nasty, ugly weed.

This isn’t actually a new thing, I know; I was regularly called a “fag” when I was much younger, all through my middle-and-high school years. I’m relatively certain most of the kids using the word weren’t even entirely sure what the hell it meant, only that it had a hurtful sound to it and it was supposed to be something very negative.

I am very gratified that our overall culture has advanced – slowly, to be sure – in such a way that the fact of being gay isn’t the social sentence it once was. I am by no means saying the struggle for equality and social acceptance by the GBLT community is over, not by a long shot. Things have, however, gotten marginally better.

The one place, however, where I always believed folks of any origin, gender, color, orientation, or belief could find open acceptance has been my culture of choice – geekdom.

Yet recently I’ve encountered younger members of our social circles that now use the term “gay” to indicate something they do not like.

To whit, I was in an Ascension tournament at a convention this summer. It was a full table, six players. One was a woman of about my generation, while the other four were in their teens and twenties. Three of them were obviously buds, and it was made clear that they came from the Yu-Gi-Oh CCG arena, very competitive in nature. One player in particular kept referring to every play he didn’t like or every card he read that he did not care for as “gay.”

“Oh man, that play is totally gay.” “I hate that card, it’s so gay.” “I can’t believe you pulled that off; how gay.” The other two generally laughed or smiled, and the rest of the room more or less ignored it.

I didn’t.

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Gamer Grrl Tip: Gaming Convention Etiquette

Chances are, you’ve heard the term “con” from someone (i.e. convention or in gaming terms, gaming convention), sometime, someplace.  Perhaps you watch Big Bang Theory where Sheldon Cooper talks about the Star Trek Con he had gone to, or you saw something about Comic Con or Gen Con.  Of course I’ve talked about Dragon*Con a … Read moreGamer Grrl Tip: Gaming Convention Etiquette

Why Does a Site About Gaming Talk About Music Too?

I was talking to my other half on our way home from the gym last night and he asked me a question.  Why am I talking about music on a site that’s obviously about gaming and sexy girls? Like usual, I answered with a question.  Why can’t I? Most of my gaming career has involved … Read moreWhy Does a Site About Gaming Talk About Music Too?

Anyone Can Play a Tabletop Game! Really!

F1 CarWhen I moved from America to Europe over 5 years ago, the only car racing I had been exposed to was Nascar.  Now, I’m not out to offend any die hard Nascar fans, but the whole “left, left, left” thing just isn’t for me.  However, over here in the EU I made a huge discovery.  Nascar isn’t the end all and be all of motor sports! There really ARE corners and races that don’t stop the second a rain drop is felt! There are many classes of motor sports, from kids trying to get the attention of the Red Bull driver program in their go-karts, to the grand daddy of them all, Formula 1.

The person whom I share my house with is a big petrol head.  If he had the money, he’d have a stable of cars (as long as I got my Audi TT or Bugatti Veryon I wouldn’t care either) and he’d probably do one of the GP sports since it really doesn’t cost all that much to race.  But that’s all besides the point.  As I said, the boy of the house loves to watch racing so every Sunday there was a Grand Prix, the TV would be on and watching.

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