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This morning I was browsing through the games section of  I really love this site because some great projects are born, such as Zombies, Run! (I’m currently writing a review now that I’ve been able to go out cycling a bit with the Android version).

So this morning I came across a guy who’s making some really cool looking dice.  If you’re not a tabletop gamer, then you’ll need to know for most of us table-top fanatics, dice are our kryptonite.  Probably even more than gaming books, miniatures, and cool gaming mats.  It’s the shiny new accessory you can get for as little as 1 cent and up to well, lets just say if you go to certain gaming cons you can leave without a penny but with a crate of shiny new pretties.

That’s why when I came across this particular page on Kickstarter, I knew I had to have these dice.  They’re cool, unique, and the guy had a backing that would give me 10d10s for my vampire game! Since I’m the DM, I really don’t care how they roll.  They’re just awesome looking!

However, the other half didn’t really agree with my intended purchase and started whining that I should do the $50 backing that will get ‘US’ 20d10s.

Guess I’m not allowed to be the only one in my gaming circle with these Necron Dice.  Oh well, my household is now the proud backer of 20d10 dice that have skulls protruding out of them.

dice.  they have to be my favourite part of playing D&D.  i mean just look at them, with all those sides and numbers.  oo, total nerdgasm!  i was so excited that my Red Box Starter Set came with a set of 6 polyhedral dice so that i could start rolling them bones right away.

this is a pictures of my gaming group’s dice.  my original dice are the ones on the right and i love them.  the black with white numbers.  they came with the 4e Red Box.  i actually much prefer the d10 of that set opposed to the chessex dice.  it actually says 10 instead of 0.  i never got why they put 0 instead of a 10 on their dice, its just not that climatic when you roll a crit with your d10 and it comes up as 0 and i should know; my fighters use d10 for their damage rolls.  yeah, we rock the greatsword.

Polyhedral Dice

my newest set is the red/black volcano speckled dice with silver numbers.  my girl  got them for me for Christmas.  i actually really like them.  don’t they just scream Ravenloft to you?  By the way, I will be running Ravenloft in 4e very soon!  ill post about that soon so check back with us!

my girl owns the pink and black gemini set and my sister owns the purple translucent ones.  i have to admit, i do game on a budget but you just gotta have the actual chessex dice.  they aren’t too expensive, around 10 bucks or so.

also, a word of advice on purchasing dice:  its always a smart move to buy them in person if possible.  you never know what they will come out looking like when you order online.  ive seen genimi sets that were really bad looking and some that are brilliant.   but the gamble can be fun as well.  ;)